Public Displays

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                    Superior quality in a large-scale format.

                    In addition to business monitors for the office, our online shop carries a wide range of public displays in all formats. You can use these oversized screens for larger-than-life digital outdoor advertising, presenting your company to visitors in your reception areas or even to equip meeting and conference rooms. Public displays can be seen at airports and train stations, in addition to in control processes in industrial manufacturing. They’re expected to meet demanding expectations including round-the-clock operation and the capability to link together, creating jumbo outdoor advertisements.


                    Public displays in our Bechtle online shop.

                    At you’ll find public displays of all sizes and in all price categories. Most devices are suited for 24/7 operation and can be wall-mounted. We offer several filter options to help you find the right public display, including brightness, contrast ratio, resolution and display size. You can also filter by manufacturer to find your preferred brand among the many leading names we offer. Our products are further differentiated by display surface—matte, glossy or anti-glare. Product details also provide energy-efficiency information.


                    Additional selection criteria.

                    Other criteria can influence your choice of public display as well. On-site replacement services, for example, mean you can quickly tackle any malfunctions that may arise. For expensive, large-scale formats, you may be interested in leasing a public display. Further factors to consider are the available accessories, interfaces and additional features. Is a suitable mount available? Can the device’s status be monitored and controlled from a central system? Public display aesthetics are especially important in customer-facing scenarios—after all, there's no point in presenting your brilliant, futuristic images on a visually unattractive screen.