Bechtle’s IT business architects – We focus on creating lasting value.


You want the IT you design today to set the stage for business success tomorrow. Our IT business architects help you do just that.


From the very first meeting, they offer an objective outside view that examines your real-world situation, followed by a systematic, in-depth analysis of your on-site IT infrastructure. Our analysis includes everything from interviews with different departments to joint innovation workshops. Working with Bechtle helps bring your company’s vision to life because we design the best IT architecture for you. You’ll get an IT project plan that fits your means and requirements—and on which you can rely today and in future.


The more closely your IT aligns with your business goals, the greater your success. As your partner, we’ll show you how new IT solutions can benefit you in ways you’ve never considered before.


Above all, you as the customer are always in full control over the scope and speed of our partnership.

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An interview with our IT business architects:
How can we transform the future? (German only)


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IT business architecture – From design to implementation.

Our IT business architects provide support in a variety of areas, which build on one another depending on your unique situation. We work with you to determine which step your particular project will start with.


Every project has multiple goals and challenges that must be identified and assessed, while keeping your business front and centre.


The second step is taking a thorough inventory of your situation and ensuring risk management. Then we develop potential solutions for your company.


Once you’ve settled on an IT solution, we begin defining general parameters such as costs, financing, infrastructure selection and more.


Introducing new IT solutions and services should be a seamless process, without any disruptions to your daily business.


Successful, professional installation is only the beginning. Then it’s time to optimise operation.

Achieve your goals one step at a time with our IT business architecture modules.

Over the past few years, we’ve developed different ways to approach this major topic based on various customer requirements. The result—our Bechtle IT business architecture workshops—help you reach your goals in small, manageable steps. You’ll benefit immediately from a specific, actionable plan.


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Our workshops consist of several modules: 
Basic workshops

IT documentation (IT infrastructure assesment)

  • Write partially automated IT documentation
  • Identify weaknesses and opportunities for improvement
  • Illustrate dependencies and relationships
Business Continuity Management
  • Write an emergency handbook
  • Prepare recovery plans
  • Discuss how to plan and support emergency testing, including documentation
advanced workshops

Cloud readiness assessment

  • Identify how your organisation can benefit from cloud technologies
  • Conduct interviews
  • Generate documents illustrating outcomes
  • Provide recommendations on what to do next
Opportunities (requirements assessment)
  • Record and prioritise requirements
  • Identify relevant areas of action
  • For executive leadership/specialist departments/IT
  • Draw up a strategy and project roadmap
Core business processes
  • Record and illustrate processes in the value chain
  • Collect key performance indicators to define criticality and maturity level
  • Conduct a risk assessment
Business development workshops
  • Discuss your corporate vision
  • Set goals and measures
  • Identify inside and outside reference data


  • Weight and evaluate potential opportunities based on assessments
  • Derive tailored recommendations for action
  • Identify projects to help you reach your goals
Questions about our business architects?

Contact one of our experts to put together a custom workshop plan.

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