Bechtle – Your multi-cloud service provider.

Which cloud aligns best with your business model? As a comprehensive multi-cloud service provider, Bechtle offers the right solution for companies of all sizes. Whether your priority is data protection, security, performance, availability or automation, our cloud services will help take your business to the next level with cutting-edge cloud technology. Take advantage of our proprietary cloud services (business clouds) as well as several solutions offered in cooperation with our technology partners, including Microsoft or Service Now (public clouds).



Consulting, production, implementation and services to benefit your business.

Our diverse cloud-service portfolio is sure to contain a solution matching your business requirements—paving a smooth path into the cloud. Find the service combination that makes sense for your network and simply integrate it with your existing IT infrastructure.

Questions about Public & Business Cloud?


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Bechtle supports you throughout the entire service lifecycle:

  • Ordering
  • Service provision
  • Support services
  • Invoicing
  • Administration  

Looking to boost business efficiency?

Bechtle’s cloud services offer a ready response for all your needs: How can I store my data securely yet efficiently? Which tools will streamline teamwork within my company? Should we move only our public website to the cloud?

These and similar considerations will prepare your business for the future and propel it forward through increased flexibility and efficiency.

Our consulting and implementation expertise allows us to tailor services to your IT, making them easy to implement. And our certified cloud specialists will accompany you throughout the entire cloud-migration process, from the very beginning until your new environment is up and running.

The right solution for each business.

Discover the many cloud services we offer and consider what they can do for you. Maybe you want to manage your business data more efficiently and ensure tighter security. Perhaps your goal is more flexible, professional teamwork. No matter what you need, you’ll find the right solution in one of the following service categories. You can also browse our cloud portal for a wide range of public and business cloud services and products.