IT business architecture – Migration roadmap.

Migrating from one architecture to another is a huge step. Whether the project sinks or swims depends on how well you prepared and planned it. Ideally, the transition will be so smooth that your users will never notice your IT architecture has been replaced. In the worst-case scenario, your business processes could grind to a halt because the necessary software, data or server isn’t available. To prevent this from happening, our IT business architects and their teams of dedicated solutions specialists consider all possibilities, going through a range of potential scenarios.



When migrating, it’s important to:

  • Prioritise projects
  • Conduct a risk-benefit assessment
  • Synchronise with business processes
  • Schedule resources and backup data
  • Define a roadmap
  • Define the project portfolio
  • Flesh out the roadmap



Migration begins only once all obstacles have been cleared and the roadmap has been finalised. The roadmap is therefore reviewed numerous times to ensure that truly everything has been covered.

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Every project has multiple goals and challenges that must be identified and assessed, while keeping your business front and centre.


The second step is taking a thorough inventory of your situation and ensuring risk management. Then we develop potential solutions for your company.


Once you’ve settled on an IT solution, we begin defining general parameters such as costs, financing, infrastructure selection and more.


Successful, professional installation is only the beginning. Then it’s time to optimise operation.