The Bechtle Mobile Computing portfolio.

Despite their compact size, notebooks feature both a keyboard and sufficiently large display, making them indispensable for mobile workers.

Tablets let you take your office on the road, so you can communicate, work and surf the web from anywhere using a touchscreen for maximum convenience.

Smartphones and mobiles are much more than just a means of communication. They’re true mini computers that underpin the modern world of business.

Wearables such as smartwatches weigh just a few grams, making them an ideal—not to mention useful—accessory. Browse our selection of mini computers.

Powerbanks let you charge your mobile devices wherever you are. Discover a large selection of high-quality models in our Bechtle online shop.

Bechtle offers comprehensive warranties and services for mobile computing, ranging from expert advice to warranty extensions.

Whether you’ve got a notebook, tablet or smartphone, the right mobile computing accessories can really turbo-charge your mobile device’s functionality. Check out our large selection in the Bechtle online shop.

Sometimes your notebooks and other mobile devices simply need a new motherboard, memory module or display.

Top sellers

The fundamental basis of a modern workforce.

Our Bechtle online shop contains over 70,000 hardware and software products in various categories. Mobile computing is a core component of our portfolio, as the daily routines of millions of customers hinge on this technology. If you work away from a traditional desk, you know just how important it is to have top-quality, ultra-reliable mobile solutions—there’s simply no room for compromise. What use is your top-of-the-line industrial tablet without a functioning power adapter or loaded battery? And what do you do when your notebook display is accidentally damaged? That’s where warranties and services come into play, as well as fast delivery of suitable replacements. We cover all of these considerations in our Bechtle online shop.


For a globalised world facing new challenges each day.

Most users expect to be able to work on the go. Take away our connectivity, mobile network or Wi-Fi and productivity drops immediately. When this happens, a solution must be found—and fast. Secure VPN connections are also essential for remote offices, given the sensitive nature of corporate data being transmitted. And we’ve come to expect a panoply of devices to handle various scenarios. If you’ve recently travelled in an aeroplane, for instance, you’ll appreciate the convenience of a thin tablet. Our portfolio on takes into account all of these requirements.


Tailored mobile solutions for business success in a networked world.

You can only work effectively if the various links in your data transmission chain interface properly. To begin with, you must consider user-friendliness—regardless of whether data is input by keyboard or speech recognition. Then comes your hardware and software. Are they compatible? Even accessories such as cases, battery chargers, docking stations and many more must match your device in order to fulfil their intended purpose. That’s why our Bechtle online shop not only provides detailed product descriptions but also lets you contact product managers for additional information.