Off-premise cloud – With extra security, by Bechtle.


Many companies can’t afford to provision and manage their own on-premise cloud solution. On the other hand, they don’t want to keep their valuable data in a public cloud space, either.  The answer to this dilemma is their own off-premise solution run by a partner they can trust, effectively leveraging the cloud while maintaining full control over their data.
Another benefit that comes with choosing Bechtle is our highly secure, certified Tier 3+ data centre in Frankfurt. Not only does this guarantee outstanding availability. It also gives you complete peace of mind with your data hosted under German data protection and security provisions at all times.


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Benefits of a private, off-premise cloud run by Bechtle.


  • Data is stored exclusively in Germany
  • Full control over all business data
  • Maximum network security
  • Cloud solution tailored to your exact needs

Bechtle’s private cloud services can be combined with other value-added services provided by Bechtle Hosting & Operations, as well as managed services.

Cloud consulting and implementation.

What must be considered when migrating data? What strategies are essential to achieving a successful cloud solution?