OneSpan DIGIPASS FX1 BIO FIDO / Fido2


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    Minimum order quantity of 10 pieces. Stop account takeover attacks and protect employees, partners and corporate resources with the DIGIPASS FX1 BIO. Get rid of passwords, facilitate faster logins and increase the productivity of your employees. Protect your accounts from social engineering and replay attacks with a FIDO-ready, phishing resistant multifactor authentication (MFA), that works with hundreds of FIDO2 or FIDO U2F compatible services. This way, you no longer require a username and a password when using e.g. Microsoft Windows and Azure services via EntralD. Unlike traditional tokens / eTokens, the DIGIPASS FX1 BIO is a USB, NFC and Bluetooth ready authenticator that gives customers the choice of their preferred authentication method. This authenticator can be used with any mobile device, as a USB connection is not necessary.

    OneSpan DIGIPASS FX1 BIO FIDO / Fido2

    Manufacturer’s warranty2-year bring-in (see manufacturer's website for details)
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