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Bechtle IT System House Münster.

Bechtle IT System House Münster.

The Bechtle IT system house in Münster is the region’s leading IT services provider. The new office building has its own training center and provides a comprehensive IT portfolio.

  • Founded in: 1990 (Behrens Datensysteme DV-Service-Center GmbH & Co. KG)
  • Joined Bechtle: in 2000
  • Vocational training provided for: IT systems management assistant, IT systems integration specialist
  • Training Center: 4 seminar rooms and eLearning
Klaus Pattai

Managing Director

  • managed workplace, server & storage, networking solutions, IT security, virtualisation
  • Particularities.
  • solutions specialist for Microsoft Azure, Office 365, cloud computing, System Center, managed infrastructure, Exchange, Windows, high availability, licence management, cloud backup


Cloud Services, Networking Solutions, IT Security, Managed Workplace, Server & Storage, Virtualisierung



Lösungsspezialist für Microsoft Azure, Office 365, System Center, Exchange, Active Directory, High Availability, Cloud Backup, HyperConverged, Migrationen von Notes zu Exchange / Office 365

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Bechtle GmbH & Co. KG IT System House Münster

Martin-Luther-King-Weg 4

48155 Münster

Telefon: +49 251 14133-0

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