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Bechtle GmbH & Co. KG IT System House Rottenburg.

Bechtle GmbH & Co. KG IT System House Rottenburg.

In addition to a wide range of IT infrastructure solutions, the Bechtle system house in Rottenburg has its own networking solutions Competence Center, as well as a networking Democenter.

  • Founded in: 1990 / Bechtle since 2000
  • Vocational training provided for: IT systems integration specialist, IT systems management assistant; support for students pursuing a Bachelor of Science in business information systems / sales and consulting
  • Competence Center for: Networking Solutions
Alexander Hofmann

Client management, servers & storage, networking solutions, virtualisation, managed service desk, information security consulting, IT maps (Docusnap), Microsoft messaging, project management, ITIL service management, cloud enablement, legally compliant archiving



Managed services, service management, unified communications, cloud infrastructure, cloud consulting, licence management, software deployment (SCCM, HEAT, Raynet), Office 365, Exchange, Microsoft SAM, Bomgar, Microsoft Large Account Reseller, SAP Basis consulting, systems management, Metalogix, FAST, Nimble Storage, Nagios, telepresence, user help desk, VoIP readiness check, Wi-Fi survey, server and storage virtualisation, client virtualisation, Citrix/VDI, networking solutions demo centre, own warehouse with installation centre



Client Management, Server & Storage, Networking Solutions, Virtualisierung, Managed Service Desk, Informationssicherheitsberatung, IT-Landkarte (Docusnap), Microsoft Messaging, Projektmanagement, ITIL Service Management, Cloud Enablement, rechtskonforme Archivierung


Managed Services, Service Management, Unified Communications, Cloud-Infrastruktur, Beratung zu Cloud Computing, Lizenzmanagement, Softwareverteilung (SCCM, Heat, Raynet), Office 365, Exchange, Microsoft SAM, Bomgar, Microsoft Large Account Reseller, SAP Basis Beratung, Systems Management, Metalogix, FAST, Nimble Storage, Nagios, Telepresence, User-Help-Desk, VoIP Readiness Check, WLAN-Ausleuchtung, Server- und Storage-Virtualisierung, Client-Virtualisierung, Citrix / VDI, Democenter Networking Solutions, eigenes Lager mit Installationsstraße.

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Bechtle GmbH & Co. KG IT System House Rottenburg

Carl-Zeiss-Straße 7

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Telefon: +49 7457 9387-0

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