New office building at Bechtle Platz 1 setting the bar for sustainability

  • Expansion of renewable energy production
  • Charging infrastructure for electric and hybrid vehicles more than doubled
  • Energy efficient solutions for climate control

Neckarsulm, 21 September 2020 – Bechtle AG is building the foundations for future growth at the Neckarsulm headquarters with the IT company continuing to pursue its strategy of generating and using renewable energies through a raft a different measures. Construction work on the new office building will be completed on schedule at the end of September, becoming home to 600 employees, incorporating generous rooms for Corporate Health Management, as well as changing rooms and shower facilities. The generation of renewable energy at Bechtle Platz will receive a significant boost with the expanded use of geothermal energy and the installation of photovoltaic and solar thermal systems. At the same time, the number of charging stations for electric and hybrid vehicles on site will be more than doubled from 60 to 130. 


The new building—which is linked to the existing office block—is the sixth substantial expansion to the premises and is testament to Bechtle’s economic success and dynamic growth. As with earlier projects, the new structure will also tap into renewable energy, with the geothermal field beneath it including 42 geothermal probes installed at a depth of 42 metres. The technology is a staple at the location: Two further geothermal fields under the warehouse and the multi-storey car park have been in operation since 2016 and 2017 respectively. In total, Bechtle can count 224 geothermal probes on its premises. Solar thermal modules will heat the shower water while other solar modules installed on both the new and existing buildings will expand the current photovoltaic system, boosting solar energy production by 560 kilowatt peak (kWp) to a total output of around 1,900 kWp.


The electricity generated by renewable energy shall be used for both the office buildings and vehicle charging points. By increasing the number of charging points to 130, Bechtle is continuing to support its sustainable mobility strategy. “With the new office building, we are setting the course for our strategic development. We are not only building the foundations for future growth, but are also enhancing the quality of amenities at Bechtle Platz 1. We also wanted to ensure we stay on track to achieving our sustainability goals with appropriate structural and technical solutions”, says Dr Thomas Olemotz, CEO, Bechtle AG.


Reaping the benefits of modern construction.


At the heart of the 10,000 m2 construction will stand an atrium surrounded by galleries on all floors. Two large rooms totalling 450 m2 on the ground floor will become home to the expanded Bechtle Corporate Health Management and shall be used, for example, for yoga courses and back exercise programmes. In addition, there will also be two new changing rooms complete with washroom facilities for those colleagues who cycle to work or take part in sports activities. An intelligent smart office solution will control heating, cooling and light in the micro workspaces and there will be no uniform air-conditioning solution for the open-plan offices. Instead, the system automatically controls lighting, blinds, heating and cooling according to specific requirements, lighting conditions and seating areas, therefore enabling the efficient use of resources.       


Partner information: The charging points installed in cooperation with technology company The Mobility House are characterised by an intelligent, manufacturer-independent and software-based load management that manages the vehicles’ charging capacities, while also taking into account the renewable energy available. Kreor Südwest GmbH located in Neckarsulm is responsible for the entire project management.


Press Release
Dr Thomas Olemotz
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