Tradition and modern medicine reconcile at the KJF Klinik Sankt Elisabeth in Neuburg an der Donau. For more than a century, the employees of the clinic have been there to cater for the health and wellbeing of the inhabitants of northern Upper Bavaria. Charity forms the foundation of medical care at the Catholic KJF Klinik Sankt Elisabeth which always works according to the latest scientific knowledge and with modern medical technology. The KJF Klinik’s IT infrastructure has to support this as well as communications, the hospital’s administration and the hospital information system (HIS) which is why a high-performing, scalable and highly available IT environment is imperative. As Microsoft Exchange 2010 was no longer supported by the manufacturer, KJF Klinik Sankt Elisabeth’s Exchange administrator was looking for an IT partner to help the IT department migrate from Microsoft Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2016 in an on-premise environment.

Microsoft Exchange is the basis for the entire in-house and also secure external communication. The clinic’s internal production processes and hospital information system run on the server, which is why  we always need the latest versions. In collaboration with Bechtle, we made the switch to Microsoft Exchange 2016 without any difficulties thanks to their pragmatic approach and excellent work

Tobias Spiel, IT Administration, KJF Klinik St. Elisabeth gGmbH


In order to help Bechtle better understand the exact requirements of KJF Klinik Sankt Elisabeth, the clinic first completed a detailed Exchange questionnaire prepared by the systems integrator. Bechtle then translated the results into a detailed statement of work. This, in turn, served as a blueprint for implementing the solution within a few weeks, and for sharing Bechtle’s knowledge and documentation with the KJF Klinik Sankt Elisabeth’s IT department.

Bechtle migrated the existing Exchange 2010 version to the Microsoft Exchange 2016 communication platform, taking into account the existing Active Directory and Exchange organisation. The clinic’s (virtual) servers already had Windows Server 2016 pre-installed and pre-patched. Bechtle installed Exchange 2016 Prerequisites, Exchange Server 2016 (with the latest update rollup) and configured all network adapters, databases, as well as send and receive connectors. Bechtle also adapted the SMTP switchover and Exchange login before configuring the entire database availability group and client access so that all certificates, virtual directories and DNS assignments continue to work on Exchange 2016. After an extensive migration test with pilot mailboxes and inbound/outbound mail flow tests, Bechtle migrated all existing mailboxes and public folders at the KJF Klinik Sankt Elisabeth to Microsoft Exchange 2016 and also cleaned up the Domain Name System (DNS) and Active Directory. The clinic received professional support and advice on the path to its new Exchange environment in follow-up workshops and Webex meetings run by Bechtle presales consultants.

Business benefits.

In Microsoft Exchange 2016, the KJF Klinik Sankt Elisabeth has the latest server technology for communication and documentation, using a high-performing solution from a popular manufacturer that is familiar to its employees. Doctors, nurses and administrative staff can focus on treatments, consultations and patient care, while internal and external communication channels are guaranteed.