Me and my Mac.

Mac for business. Supercharged by the Apple M1 chip.



Benefits of the M1 chip.
  1. The Apple M1 is a system (processor, graphics, RAM) on one single chip

  1. Unbelievable performance, built-in security features and the world’s most advanced desktop operating system With a Mac, everyone can create and collaborate like never before
  1. Compatible with well-known productivity tools like Microsoft Office and Google Workspace. You can also e-mail, message, connect to networks and share files.

Additionally, the use of Apple hardware in combination with lower investment costs for hardware, software and support has clear cost benefits within three years

Me and my Mac.


Many benefits.


More productivity.

The Mac is child’s play to use. And anyone who has ever held an iPhone or iPad in their hands will be immediately familiar with the Mac. The Apple platform offers a transparent and secure system, so the things you would normally need IT support for you can now configure yourself! Your employees will simply work more efficiently with Macs.

More collaborative.

Better together. Macs enable seamless and collaborative working together. Wherever you are. Optimum communication options are at your fingertips and you can continue to seamlessly work on all devices. No matter where and on which Apple device you started on, you can simply keep working right where you left off.

More attractive.

Macs make your company even more attractive and give you the cutting edge in the competition for the best minds. Great fringe benefit. A Mac is not just a tool, but also a design element for your office and its “must-have” effect boosts your team’s motivation levels.

More flexible.

The Mac is easily integrated into existing environments and easy to deploy (device enrolment). As opposed to Windows devices that often require regular maintenance and a good clean out or complete overhaul after a certain period of time, Macs can be set up without physical imaging.

More affordable.

Follow-up costs are critical in IT—and this is exactly where Macs score. Software licences for OS updates and anti-virus software are not required for Macs. At the same time, user support and maintenance are drastically reduced. Yes, Macs are more affordable and we’ll be happy to show you the figures.

Better for the environment.

For a growing number of businesses, corporate responsibility is taking centre stage. This means that devices and IT equipment must be as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. Wherever possible, Apple avoids the use of harmful materials in production and demonstrably lowers energy consumption.


Macs form the ideal foundation for your digitalisation strategy—without compromising on security. Implementation is simple, downtime is low, and the system is ready to use out of the box. It doesn’t get easier than that.

More secure.

MacOS is secure and far less susceptible to malware than Windows systems. Encrypt your hard drive with a click or log in with Touch ID or your fingerprint. Secure can also be simple.

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Apple products have been designed from the ground up to be secure. With Face ID and Touch ID, employees can be sure that their devices are protected from unauthorised access, plus all Apple devices protect user data and can be wiped remotely should they be lost or stolen.


What are you waiting for? Our offer.

The unbelievably powerful Apple M1 chip. Available in the 13" MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac mini and 24" iMac.







What are you waiting for? Our offer.

The unbelievably powerful Apple M1 chip. Available in the 13" MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac mini and 24" iMac.

MacBook Pro
MacBook Air
Mac mini
Good to your budget.


Simple. Affordable. Flexible. Financing.

Lower your IT costs intelligently and sustainably not only through simplified deployment and lower support costs, but also with innovative financing options that make it easier than ever to use Apple products at your workplace. You’ll get products and services perfectly matched to your needs.



These attractive financing models make your Mac more affordable:

  • Financing contract of 24 or 36 months with a proportion of new Apple devices of 80% or more.
  • Total for 24-month lease: 79% of purchase price, 36-month lease: 88% of purchase price (for iPhones 24-month lease only)
  • Valid for a purchase value > €500 excl. VAT The offer is subject to an approved credit check
  • Valid for business customers in Austria
  • Valid for Mac, iPad & iPhone


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