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Dell PowerStore
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Dell Unity XT
Dell PowerVault ME4 Series
Dell PowerStore
Dell EMC PowerStore.

Enterprise storage.

In PowerStore, Dell is offering an enterprise-class all-flash storage solution.


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Today’s IT experts are being confronted with two issues – an increase in data volumes and variety.

Whilst data can open the door to a multitude of possibilities for your business, the complexity can be a huge challenge.

The growth in the number of data formats and locations being used (edge-to-cloud) is becoming too much to be managed properly with existing on-site infrastructures with the result being a mish-mash of architectures that lead to discrete and detached environments that are used and managed independently.

Business benefits.
On-board applications capability.
PowerStore is a highly adaptable platform that provides the flexibility to host specialised workloads directly on the appliance and to modernise your IT infrastructure without disruption. PowerStore can provide both storage and on-board compute capabilities to offer analytics consumption flexibility in the face of a rapidly changing storage infrastructure. By eliminating the latency and overhead of the network layer, customers can take advantage of better application performance for data-intensive next-gen analytics simplifying their environment. PowerStore’s superior integration with vSphere results in streamlined management where storage resources plug directly into the visualisation layer.
Flexible scaling.
PowerStore combines flexible scaling with ease of management that greatly complements analytics applications’ scale-up and scale-out deployment models. Using the built-in hypervisor brings the scale for data storage when the workload requires it.

Unbeatable performance.
PowerStore changes the way analytics database teams design and build analytic solutions. It is designed from the ground up to utilise the latest in storage and interface technologies to maximise application performance.
Easy consolidation.
PowerStore is engineered with the ability to support storage in multiple formats bringing flexibility to a variety of applications, ranging from physical and virtual LUNs to containers to traditional file. It provides a single architecture for block, file, and VMware vVols leveraging the latest technologies to support a wide variety of traditional and modern workloads.
Redefining application productivity.
Using intelligent data placement, PowerStore improves system performance through the balanced provisioning of new appliance storage and the automated balancing of cluster resources. It determines the optimum provisioning of new volumes and identifies the changes required to maintain efficiency. Users can prioritise business-critical application volumes.
Proven security.
PowerStore comes with proven security features that meet corporate governance and compliance requirements and can prevent accidental or malicious intrusion. Key features include Data at Rest Encryption (D@RE) with key management, tamper-proof audit logs, and secure access control. PowerStore provides additional data protection with array- based snapshots.
Future-proof infrastructure.
PowerStore offers future-proof investment protection with the industry’s most comprehensive upgrade program, Anytime Upgrade. Anytime Upgrade offers flexible non-disruptive options for organisations to enhance their systems with data-in-place upgrades beyond just a next-gen controller swap.
PowerStore Metro Node.
Enable automated business continuity with zero RPO and RTO with PowerStore metro node. True active-active synchronous replication over metro distances with multi-site dual access gives organisations full confidence that their data will always be available and accessible.
Dell VxRail
Dell VxRail.

Hyperconverged infrastructure.

Benefit from a hyperconverged infrastructure tailored to your needs with Dell VxRail.

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Heterogeneous IT environments. There are often several manufacturers of servers, operating systems, storage, virtualisation and network components.

Growing demands on your IT. The acceptance and proliferation of new technologies such as cloud, mobility, virtualisation and Big Data is growing. This is forcing enterprise IT to provision services much more quickly and flexibly, which is either impossible or involves a great deal of work when using traditional, heterogeneous environments.

If the IT department is unable to meet the core demands of the business, this can lead to even greater problems. These days, in-house IT is increasingly seen as a service provider, but the services have to be affordable, flexible and quick to deploy.

Business benefits.

With a VxRail solution, you can leverage the benefits of a converged infrastructure. 
These include:


Increased agility.

Simplified processes.

Lower risks.
Tailored performance.
VxRail is available in several configurations meaning you can start small and scale up to a cluster with up to 64 nodes. Advanced clustering features such as the scaling of individual nodes and the combination of models in a cluster enable a pay-as-you-grow approach, i.e. When you are ready to scale out, adding an appliance will only take a matter of minutes.
Cloud? No problem! 
VxRail comes with Dell CloudArray to include more than 20 public clouds, such as VMware’s vCloud Air, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Virtustream helping you to unlimited scaling of storage capacities.
Full integration with simple management.
VxRail is the only fully integrated, optimised and tested VMware HCI appliance on the market. It is based on the latest generation VMware vSphere and Virtual SAN software and can be seamlessly integrated into standard management solutions for VMware environments such as vCenter Server and vCenter Log Insight. And best of all, you can continue to use the tools, reports and expertise you already use in your VMware environment.
Dell Unity XT
Dell EMC Unity XT.

For medium-sized companies.
With the Unity XT Series, Dell EMC is offering an optimum storage solution for medium-sized companies.

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Demands on IT are constantly changing and that includes the management of storage systems.

Data volumes are continuing to grow at a rate of knots, but IT budgets aren’t being increased to match.

In everyday business, there are plenty of topics ranging from servers, networks and mobile devices to desktops, virtualisation and storage vying for attention.

Opportunities to simplify and automate storage management with simple, modern, cost-effective and flexible storage technologies.

Business benefits.
Designed for performance, optimised for efficiency.
Unity XT Hybrid Storage Arrays deliver impressive performance even when running demanding visualised workloads. These modern systems implement linear multi-core scaling and inline data reduction in all-flash pools for blocks and files. The Unity XT’s modern design ensures that your investment is future-proof thanks to the dual-active controller architecture and NVMe capabilities.
Unity XT Hybrid Storage Arrays deliver the power of Flash for the price of a hard drive. These hybrid systems use Dell EMC Fully Automated Storage Tiering for Virtual Pools (FAST VPTM) for automated and policy-based tiering, as well as FAST Cache™ SSD caching software, which you can use to intelligently implement Flash to boost performance while lowering operating costs. 
Unparalleled simplicity.
Unity XT Hybrid Storage Arrays set new standards in terms of mid-range storage simplicity. These systems are easy to set up, can be installed in just a few minutes and are ready for use in 15. An intuitive Unisphere™ HTML5 user interface with multiple VMware and Microsoft integrations ensures ease of use, and simple service/support options include an integrated self-service portal with features to help IT generalists resolve issues faster and much more.
All-inclusive software.
Unity XT Hybrid Storage Array comes with all the software you’ll need to store, manage and protect your data. The comprehensive software portfolio includes Unisphere Management Suite (HTML5), inline data reduction with zero detection (all-flash pools only), unified multi-protocols, unified snapshots and thin clones with Dell AppSync integration, FAST Cache and FAST VP, Data-at-Rest encryption, unified remote replication with MetroSync Manager, QoS, IP multi-tenancy, file-level retention, limited licences for AppSync, RecoverPoint Basic and RecoverPoint for VMs and a free 180-day VPLEX migration licence.

Developed for the multi-cloud.
All Unity XT systems support several cloud deployment options including Dell validation with VMware Cloud Foundation, expansion into the cloud with a Dell Cloud Tiering appliance, data insights in the cloud with CloudIQ, cloud usage with Unity Cloud Edition/HA, which runs software-defined storage with VMware Cloud in AWS and cloud services for DRaaS.
Cloud-based storage analyses.
CloudIQ is a free, cloud-based application with which storage can be analysed in near real-time and is included with Unity XT arrays. It allows the comprehensive monitoring of system integrity, performance, capacity, configurations and on-array protection metrics.

Software-defined storage.
When deployed on a VMware ESXi Server, the Unity XT Virtual Software Appliance (Dell UnityVSA™) delivers unified storage software, data management and HA. Users can create shared storage with NAS and iSCSI SAN Storage protocols and hardware platform-compatible data services and deploy them on industry-standard server hardware.

Operative agility and automation with modern DevOps platforms.
Containers are quickly becoming the new standard of software architecture and Kubernetes has emerged as a popular platform for selecting container orchestrations. Dell is a leader in the development of solutions that enable customers to run container workloads efficiently while simultaneously leveraging powerful storage integrations for DevOps workflows.
Dell PowerVault ME4 Series
Dell PowerVault ME4 Series.

For SMEs. 
With the PowerVault ME4 Series, Dell is offering an optimum entry-level system for SMEs. 


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To simplify storage environments, you need an easy to deploy and use storage array that can be directly connected to a server or flexibly provisioned as SAN as required.

You also need to be able to configure storage either as an all-Flash array for very high performance requirements or as a hybrid array with Flash performance at a great price.

Looking for an affordable storage solution with flexible deployment options for smaller applications/databases, Exchange and virtual server provisioning?

Business benefits.

Connectivity options.
The base systems come with a 12 Gb backend interface and the following frontend interface: 4 x 16 Gb FC ports per controller, 4 x 10 Gb iSCSI ports per controller (SFP+ or BaseT) and 4 x 12 Gb SAS ports per controller. 
PowerVault ME4 is available as either a 2 U or 5 U base system. The 2 U version supports 12 or 24 drives while the 5 U system supports 84. Both 2 U base systems (ME4012 and ME4024) and the 5 U base system (ME4084) also support optional expansion units for 12, 24 or 84 drives. This means that, in total, up to 4 Pb or 336 drives can be used (depending which comes first). It is possible to mix various types of drives.
Comprehensive software. 
PowerVault ME4 software offers volume copy/clones, snapshots, IP/FC remote replication, integration for VMware vCenter and SRM, SSD read cache, thin provisioning, 3-level tiering, ADAPT (distributed RAID) and SED (self-encrypting drives).
PowerVault ME4 provides an integrated, web-based HTML5 management interface (ME Storage Manager) and supports CLI and REST API.
As individual as your needs:
PowerVault ME4084
PowerVault ME4024
PowerVault ME4012
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