Lenovo is making schools smarter.

Take a step into the digital future.

The DigitalPakt Schule is opening the door to a wealth of opportunities for modern lessons in German educational institutions. However, this requires holistic concepts that take into account pedagogical needs and the best equipment with software and hardware, which in turn requires competent partners.

Cut your dependencies on outdated devices to create and protect new digital learning environments. Switch to modern hardware by Lenovo with Windows 10 Pro and Office 365 Education for your digital learning infrastructures. As a pioneer and innovator of management software for classrooms, Lenovo provides solutions such as LanSchool that enable teachers to connect with pupils and create meaningful online connections, whether it’s in the classroom or when working remotely.


We’d love to consult and support you in planning, providing and maintaining your digital IT infrastructure.

Sturdy and reliable

Lenovo hardware goes through extensive quality testing during production so it can withstand long, hard school days.

Many Lenovo devices are also tested and certified against twelve MIL-STD 810G methods and twenty procedures to demonstrate their toughness.

  • Low temperature: Storage: -25°C for 24 hrs
  • Operation: -21°C for 8 hrs Humidity: 91-98%
Extensive security for data and devices

Lenovo ThinkShield is a comprehensive security solution that secures all devices and the school network. All data, identities and devices are perfectly protected from online attacks

  • ThinkShield provides comprehensive: Device security.
  • Identity security.
  • Online security.
  • Data security.

Keep your company’s hardware up-to-date: With Windows 10 Pro devices.

Reliable service and support

Protect your investments with comprehensive service packages and reliable customer support. Benefit from accident protection, warranty extensions and on-site IT support.

  • Accidental Damage Protection
  • Lenovo Premium Care
  • 3-year warranty on the battery
On your journey to becoming a digital school you will need a reliable partner.

In order to provide the best possible service, Lenovo collaborates with a handful of selected companies that have focussed on the requirements of digital transformation in education. ARP and Lenovo can support you in a variety of different fields.

Being productive just got more fun. 

Comprehensive consulting in everything digitalisation. We provide durable, scalable and easy to manage IT infrastructures that serve as a basis for a reliable and versatile school IT environment . All while keeping an eye on your budget.

Infrastructure sourcing and installation.

Planning and sourcing of reliable infrastructure that meets your requirements and suits your pedagogical orientation all via a single reliable contact that will take care of everything for you. Procurement, installation and support, all from a single source.

Maintain your entire system landscape.

We plan, manage and maintain your entire IT environment. You receive support with starting up, upkeeping and using hardware and software. A professional team will take care of important updates and configuring and managing your systems.

Reliable service and support

Should there be an emergency, your support team can be reached almost instantly to come to your aid.


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