Beat the Noise with Poly ANC Headsets.

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According to a survey conducted in 2020*, 94% of workers experience some form of ambient noise during calls. This number saw an increase of 23% from 71% of workers in 2017.  Noise not only impacts a user’s ability to concentrate and focus on the task at hand, but without a good quality noise-canceling microphone it also impacts other participants on conference calls.

Poly’s headsets are used in the most demanding environments where clear audio is critical, such as emergency dispatch and command and control applications.

When considering noise canceling headsets it’s important to note that different technology is used to reduce noise for the headset wearer and hence acts on the receive side (typically this is active noise canceling) compared to noise canceling for the far end, which acts on the microphone (transmitting) side.

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The simplest form of receive noise reduction comes from the fact any stereo headset that provides a physical barrier to the ear canals and reduces the level of audio that can be heard.

The amount of noise reduction will depend on may factors for example a headset, such as the Voyager 8200 UC, that covers the ear completely provides better noise reduction compared to one that sits on the ear. Leatherette ear cushions provide a greater acoustic seal to the ear and will provide better noise reduction compared to foam ear cushions.

Headsets with earbuds that sit inside the ear, such as the Voyager 6200 UC, provide a greater isolation from external sounds.  An advantage of the Voyager 6200 UC headset is that it can still be used with one ear bud removed allowing users to still hear what’s going on around them.

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        For greater noise reduction passive noise isolation can be combined with active noise cancellation. Poly offers one of the largest range of Active Noise Canceling headsets in the market.
        There are three types of ANC:

        • Feedback ANC: With Feedback ANC microphones are placed inside the ear cup and monitor what the user hears.
        • Feed-forward ANC: Feed-forward ANC is rarely used on its own in headsets as the ANC microphones are placed outside the ear cup and monitor the background noise making it sensitive to wind noise, etc.
        • Hybrid ANC: ANC microphones are placed both inside and outside the ear cup (requires 2x more microphones compared to feedback ANC) and monitors both what the user hears and the background noise.