Synchronised security.


Cybersecurity evolved with Sophos.

83% of IT managers say malware threats are harder to stop compared to last year. Why? Because cybercriminals connect multiple techniques in their advanced attacks, but most security products still work in isolation. It’s time to evolve.

Synchronized Security is the world’s first—and best—cybersecurity system. Endpoint, network, mobile, Wi-Fi, email, and encryption products, all sharing information in real time and responding automatically to incidents:

  • Isolate infected endpoints, blocking lateral movement
  • Restrict Wi-Fi for non-compliant mobile devices
  • Scan endpoints on detection of compromised mailboxes
  • Revoke encryption keys if a threat is detected
  • Identify all apps on the network

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Intercept X and XG Firewall 

  • Automatically isolate infected endpoints in public networks and LANs 
  • Identify all apps using bandwidth 
  • Find the source (user, device) of bad traffic in the network 

Intercept X for Server and XG Firewall 

  • One touch to isolate infected servers in public networks and LANs 
  • Identify all apps using bandwidth 

Sophos Endpoint and Sophos Email 

Automatically identify compromised e-mail accounts and clean infected computers sending spam and malware e-mails 

Sophos Intercept X and Sophos Wireless 

Automatically block internet access to infected endpoints on Wi-Fi 

Sophos Mobile and Sophos Wireless 

Automatically blocks Wi-Fi access for mobile devices not meeting compliance policies until they are clean 

SafeGuard Encryption, Intercept X and XG Firewall 

Automatically revoke encryption keys on infected devices when the health status of the endpoints changes 

Sophos Email and Sophos Phish Threat

One-click to register suspicious users for security awareness training 


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