The specifics of cloud data management with Veeam.

Explore the benefits for yourself.

With Veeam® Cloud Data Management™, any organisation can achieve unprecedented data availability, mobility, visibility, automation and governance across all data centres, remote sites and clouds. Find out about the various functions and solutions here.


Backup & recovery.
Ensure continuous availability—with the certainty of having the option of rapid recovery in an emergency.
  • Backup flexibility. Your data and storage are protected everywhere—at SaaS providers, in the cloud, in virtual environments and in physical infrastructure.
  • RPOs and RTOs that are close to zero. You can implement ambitious DR strategies with Verified Protection for critical assets.
  • Rapid recovery. With instant recovery for your workloads, you achieve maximum availability and business continuity.
  • All-round security. Rapid recovery. The intelligent backup of applications, files, virtual servers and NAS ensures that no data is lost.


Cloud Mobility.
Back up, restore and protect critical data across clouds—without vendor lock-in.
  • Portability and recovery. Easy portability and recovery of workloads in line with AWS, Azure and GCP.
  • Extensive savings in storage. Extensive savings in storage.
  • Flexibility without any hidden costs.With support for AWS, Azure, GCP and the IBM Cloud, you are not tied to a specific provider.


Monitoring and analysis.
Integrated analysis for complete visibility in the entire environment.
  • Always on the look-out. Built-in AI features fix common infrastructure and software configuration errors before they affect business.
  • Know where you stand. You maintain an overview of your data backup at all times through consistent monitoring and reporting.
  • Plan ahead. Gain insight into your data costs to forecast usage rates and resource requirements.


Coordination and automation.
Intelligent recovery coordination and data re-use.
  • Data re-use. Continue to use backup data for business analysis, internal development and analysis.
  • Data coordination. With extensible DR and data coordination, continuous availability and resilience is ensured regardless of the size of the environment.
  • Guarantee recovery. Dynamic testing ensures compliance with your RTOs and RPOs for data backup.


Governance and compliance.
Integrated analysis for complete visibility in the entire environment.
  • Protection against ransomware. 100% protected with complete isolation of your backups.
  • More control. Risk reduction via integrated auditing and data control reporting.
  • Simple reporting. Well-founded reports and meaningful documentation ensure that compliance requirements are met.
  • Compliance without boundaries. Isolated tests of new patches and upgrades without endangering production.


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Your advantages with the centralised Veeam platform.
Data availability.

Simple, flexible and reliable backup and recovery of all data.

Flexible data usage.

Use of all required environments without any restrictions to data mobility.

Faster business processes.

Use of existing backup data for new opportunities without added costs.

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