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Backup as a Service from Bechtle.


The importance of IT security has not only become apparent in the wake of recent cyber attacks. Sensitive data are a critical asset for every business and essential to customer and partner relations as well as internal processes. As a consequence frequent data backups are paramount, as is archiving data in a way that is secure and easy to manage while keeping it readily accessible. However, on-premise storage systems can tie up considerable IT resources and budget and come with the added hassle of managing your own hardware. With Bechtle, you can forget all that and take advantage of our own purpose-built solution using the most advanced security standards.

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Secure your data with Backup as a Service by Bechtle.


Bechtle’s Backup as a Service is the ideal way to keep your data secure in the cloud. Drawing on our years of experience, we have developed a solution that delivers what companies really need. Our interfaces with professional data hosts, highly secure Tier 3+ data centres, and excellent relations with our customers intertwine to guarantee best-in-breed backup security and fast access to your data.

What’s more, Bechtle’s Backup as a Service will fit right in with your existing IT infrastructure. And of course, Bechtle Clouds will not charge you to upload data to our data centre. Making the switch has never been easier.


Bechtle BaaS at a glance.

  • Professional data backups to Bechtle’s own high-security Tier 3+ data centre in Germany
  • Provision of S3 storage
  • Highly resilient with options ranging up to geo-redundant storage in Germany
  • A host of vendor-specific and off-the-peg solutions
  • Pay-what-you-use service with exact per-day invoicing
  • Fast data availability through the world’s largest internet exchange point, DE-CIX
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Our data centre certifications.


  • DIN EN ISO 9001 quality management
  • ISO 27001 (BSI) based on IT Baseline Protection (“IT-Grundschutz” issued by the Federal Office for Information Security)
  • DIN EN ISO 50001 energy management
  • PCI-DSS Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard
  • Tier 3 based on TIA 942 Annexe G

That’s certified all-your-bases-covered backup by Bechtle.

A winning team


What you want is highly-secure and easily retrievable backups. How to get it depends on your data. To give you the solution that’s just right for you, Bechtle Clouds is offering a broad range of vendor-specific and off-the-peg solutions.

Backup as a Service powered by NetApp.


Backup as a Service powered by Veeam.


BaaS pre-seeding add-on option.


A Backup as a Service solution comes with many benefits. However, the initial migration of large amounts of data can easily eat up the entire WAN bandwidth of a company.


But it doesn’t have to come to that. Our BaaS pre-seeding add-on means your data can be simply transferred using a flexible hardware appliance. And it comes with expert Bechtle support, too. Our specialists are happy to develop and implement a solution that is tailored to your exact needs.



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