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Speed and flexibility are critical for the success of any modern company. At the same time, the day-to-day interactions between employees, departments and machines are increasingly reliant on IT. However, companies often lack essential processes and tools to speed up these interactions while also ensuring real-time insights into costs and resources.

With ServiceNow®, Bechtle offers a solution to these challenges that is just as effective as it is easy. Whether you want to notch up security, or optimise IT service, operations or business management, ServiceNow® not only lets you structure and document your everyday processes using intelligent workflows and a central cloud platform, but also makes them flexible and agile.

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IT Service Management
IT Operations Management
IT Business Management
IT Service Management

Level up with IT Service Management.

ServiceNow® IT Service Management solutions give companies real-time insights and control of their IT costs, processes, and tools by consolidating systems and leveraging a cloud-based platform to create a consistent IT infrastructure through IT services. This eliminates barriers between individual solutions that would hinder interactivity. Easy automation of service management tasks adds further efficiency and transparency.


All IT services and processes can be managed through a single, user-friendly service portal. Virtual task boards enable managers to easily route and track tickets, prioritise and assign tasks with drag-and-drop simplicity, as well as automate recurring setup tasks. What’s more, the service portal works with all mobile end devices for seamless productivity. Updates are automatically pushed to the individual cloud platforms at no extra cost so you always have the latest features at your disposal. In a nutshell, ServiceNow® and Bechtle deliver speedy collaboration while making life easier for your IT.

IT Service Management features.

  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Change and Release Management
  • Benchmark
  • Asset Management
  • Knowledge Management
IT Operations Management

Be proactive with IT Operations Management.

Want to turn your IT from a reactive problem solver into a proactive asset that can detect and defuse issues long before they affect your business? Then ServiceNow®’s IT Operations Management solution is for you. It provides rapid communication across your entire organisation by seamlessly connecting people, information, and processes. This enables IT managers to better understand and manage dependencies and processes that exist between IT resources. Potential issues and disruptions can be identified and pinpointed early on and their effects contained to bring service downtime to an absolute minimum. No hiccup goes unnoticed. The system continuously monitors the health of your IT infrastructure and operational data, and also determines the root cause of failures, as well as the best approach to resolve them. Its automation capabilities let you streamline IT monitoring and troubleshooting even more for considerable gains in business flexibility.

IT Operations Management features.

  • Discovery
  • Event Management
  • Operational Intelligence
  • Service Mapping
  • Cloud Management
  • Configuration Management Database (CMDB)
IT Business Management

Unlock profits with IT Business Management.

Running a corporate IT environment means allocating costs and resources in ways that maximise value and efficiency—an integral component of any business decision. The reality, however, is that evolving business processes are often insufficiently communicated to IT managers, which leaves them unable to make the most of the assets they have. IT Business Management helps resolve this imbalance and align IT investments with core business decisions. As a result, companies are able to leverage an extremely transparent project and application portfolio, gain insight into the costs of IT services, and manage demand and resources to optimally distribute their budget. Decision makers can readily see where money is going and where it is needed to turn IT into an effective business driver.

IT Business Management features.

  • Project Portfolio Management
  • Demand Management
  • Resource Management
  • Agile Development
  • Application Portfolio Management

Cover all bases with Security Operations.

ServiceNow® Security Operations enables IT managers to orchestrate IT security and quickly respond to incidents and vulnerabilities. Built-in threat intelligence means precautions can adapt based on existing threats and compromising software to respond with bolstered defences.


Efficiently control who can access which data and use intelligent workflows, automation, and orchestration capabilities to expedite security and prioritise and assign tasks. Service metrics help you track and optimise service delivery across your entire security team.

Security Operations features.

  • Security Incident Response
  • Vulnerability Response
  • Trusted Security Circles
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Performance Analytics
  • Event Management
  • Orchestration


Why choose Bechtle?

For starters, there’s our comprehensive, multi-vendor portfolio spanning IT infrastructure, services and operations. Getting all your solutions and services from a single source gives you an unparalleled level of simplicity and efficiency.

What’s more, as a multi-cloud service provider, Bechtle is by your side throughout the lifecycle of your cloud solution, from deployment to management to support. Choosing Bechtle means tapping into a wealth of experience and a proven track record of expedient and professional support that is truly end-to-end. Plus, collective invoicing of all services used in your organisation adds extra transparency.



Why choose ServiceNow® ?

Bechtle and ServiceNow® offer an advanced, three-phase concept with distinct service packages: Foundation Services, Transform Services, and Innovate Services. Bechtle experts will help you analyse your needs and efficiently integrate the optimal ServiceNow® solution into your IT landscape to maximise your business potential. Proven methods deliver considerable return on investment fast and empower your teams in the long run.




The benefits of Bechtle and ServiceNow®.

  • Centralised ServiceNow® Nonstop Cloud platform
  • Enhanced collaboration across your organisation
  • Optimised control and real-time insight into your IT infrastructure and services
  • Agile and affordable IT
  • Advanced security through early threat detection
  • Fast decision making and actionable information thanks to speedy and intelligent workflows
  • Extremely secure Tier 3+ data centre
  • Data protection and agreements in line with German law
  • Important security certifications
  • Agile service provisioning
  • Fully automated customer portal
  • Flexible control and monitoring
  • Proven track record of customer successes
  • Option of collective invoicing for all services



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