Monitoring & IT Control Centre – the best way to prevent failure.

Many issues that may arise in your IT infrastructure can be identified and resolved way before they become a problem. Bechtle’s monitoring service keeps a watchful eye on your entire network, end user and data centre infrastructure. Should a bottleneck or incident become apparent, our experts are on hand to troubleshoot and find a solution fast.


Your benefits:

  • Proactive resolution of potential IT failures
  • Prevent costly downtime or loss of productivity
  • Make more time for strategic solutions

Questions about our Monitoring & IT Control?


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Our monitoring service offers systematic, process-controlled, 24×7 monitoring of individual IT system components, entire IT infrastructure environments, and everything in between. A physical on-premise or virtual, Bechtle-hosted management server acts as a central access point to enable remote administration of your systems from Bechtle’s own service centre.


Remote access is established via a Virtual Private Network (VPN) in line with your security and other related policies. This means our experts can reach and service your network irrespective of the condition of your systems.

How does monitoring work?

Bechtle automatically monitors pre-defined metrics and threshold values on customer systems. Any status change is reported to a central monitoring cluster at Bechtle’s remote service centre, which is staffed round-the-clock to ensure swift resolution of any issues that may arise.


Customers receive standard monthly reports on key performance indicators such as availability, disk usage, CPU load, responsiveness, etc. IT systems can be added or removed as needed through a standardised process.



Our monitoring service includes:

  • A 24×7 or 11×5 IT control centre
  • Provision of standard monthly service reports
  • Regular service review meetings


Additional services:

  • Permanent, automated monitoring of all registered IT systems and round-the-clock review of incoming status notifications
  • Continual optimisation of monitoring setup (measuring points and thresholds)
  • Provision and operation of a physical on-premise management server in the customer network, including all required licences
  • Alternatively, provision and operation of a Bechtle-hosted virtual management server in the Bechtle data centre, including all required licences
  • Proactive admin procedures
  • Event-triggered admin procedures
  • Addition of standard checks as required
  • Integration of additional customer systems as required
  • Modification of monitored customer systems



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