Maximum power and minimum footprint through hyper-converged infrastructure.

Bigger is not always better and hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) is the perfect example. This small, combined hardware-software unit delivers first-rate storage, computing and network performance without wasting space or energy. The system is managed by virtualisation software, which is also behind the high degree of convergence.


Hyper-converged systems are optimised for specific workloads, propelling their performance much higher than standard hardware and thereby making them ideal for specific, dedicated scenarios.

Questions about hyper-converged solutions?


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Why use a hyper-converged infrastructure?

Managing an IT environment is both time and cost-intensive as any new developments often require extensive network changes. A hyper-converged infrastructure, however, is controlled by virtualisation software, thereby substantially simplifying this task. These infrastructures are also optimised for easy implementation, horizontal scalability and energy-efficiency. As a result, your energy costs sink and managing your infrastructure is longer be the headache it used to be.

IT management made easy.

Efficient IT management requires a reliable, transparent and unified data-centre architecture. Hyper-converged infrastructure offers just that, and you can even combine it with your existing traditional IT. If you prefer, we’ll operate your hyper-converged infrastructure for you as a managed service.

Benefits of hyper convergence.

Hyper-convergent systems take virtual systems and simplify them even more. All components are designed to work together in perfect synchronisation and they’re managed through a single console. That means you won’t have to rack your brain working through complex design, configuration and implementation questions.


In addition, by packing server, storage and network components into a small footprint, you’ll save on cabling, power and cooling.

And expanding your capacity is a breeze—simply add one or more HCI systems into your rack for an efficient response to future data growth and rising performance requirements.

Best of all, hyper-converged solutions are based on cutting-edge hardware and support a broad range of applications, so you’ll be ideally prepared to respond to the dynamic needs of your data centre.



  • Installed and deployed in less than an hour
  • Easy to configure and implement
  • Can be scaled out as necessary
  • Lower energy costs and smaller footprint
  • Can be used in virtualised and non-virtualised environments
  • Many vendors offer out-of-the-box solutions for a wide variety of workloads

The data centre of the future is a virtualised, software-controlled hub delivering countless benefits.