The future is in software-defined data centres.

Many companies have virtualised parts of their data centre infrastructure, such as server, storage, network and security technology. Server virtualisation is especially common in companies and public institutions.

Software-defined data centres will take you one step further, virtualising your entire infrastructure and providing it as a service. It detaches computing power, storage capacity, network technology, security and more from your physical hardware, controlling it via an overarching management software. This automates and drastically simplifies the management of your entire infrastructure.

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Enhanced productivity through automated control.

Increasingly often, traditional data centres are struggling to provide the services required by a company’s various departments quickly, flexibly and affordably. Software-defined data centres solve this problem by combining applications and resources easily, dynamically and automatically to match your exact needs.


Bechtle will help you design a software-defined data centre to take labour and cost-intensive hardware configuration and management off your hands. You’ll be able to direct your resources towards your core business, thanks to smart software systems that configure computing, storage and network services for you. Resources are grouped into individual pools, significantly simplifying and streamlining the processes behind security and availability services.



  • Greater agility and flexibility for your company
  • Easy scalability
  • On-demand resource provisioning
  • Cost and energy savings
  • Fewer costly, time-intensive manual configurations
  • Less IT management
  • All resources are mapped out and controlled through software


Best of all:

Software-defined data centres empower your IT to respond quickly to the business-critical requirements of individual departments or entire divisions. They also increase the reliability of your workflows: if a device fails, data streams are automatically rerouted, maintaining availability.



Is your data-centre priority to ensure top performance even during peak periods? Or are you looking for storage capacity for big-data purposes?


By leveraging cutting-edge hardware technology, hyper-converged solutions are ideally prepared for dynamic business environments.


Network, server and storage virtualisation are all hallmark components of the data centre of the future.