Pave the way to the cloud with virtualisation.

Companies no longer have to purchase expensive IT systems whose maximum capacity they will rarely, if ever, use. That’s because virtualised IT has made it possible to run a number of applications on a single physical server, thereby making optimum use of existing resources. And software-defined data centres (SDDC) even take optimisation one step further. Until now, whenever any changes occurred within the network, IT staff had to handle each ensuing task themselves. Thanks to software-defined data centres, entire infrastructures can now be virtualised and controlled through software. Automated processes eliminate a lot of tedious IT tasks—saving you both time and money.

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Flexible data centres thanks to automation.

Data-centre virtualisation has made steady inroads over the past decade, especially with respect to servers. However, storage and network virtualisation, including management, have lately been getting their fair share of attention as well. After all, server virtualisation shouldn’t be treated as an isolated topic, separate from storage, network and other infrastructure.


Best of all:

Data-centre virtualisation lays the groundwork for implementing private or hybrid cloud environments more easily, thereby enabling the scalability of your IT resources.


Virtualisation will help you obtain an agile, flexible data centre that’s able to adapt to customer and business needs, providing the required resources lightning-fast. You’ll benefit from:

  • Better use of resources with fewer physical servers
  • Lower energy and cooling costs
  • On-demand resources that are allocated to users quickly and easily
  • Less administrative and other work as fewer physical components are required
  • Intelligent disaster recovery as virtual machines and applications can be mirrored

If you’re curious to learn more about virtualisation, we’ll gladly provide you with reference solutions tailored to your specific needs.


The data centre of the future is a virtualised, software-controlled hub delivering countless benefits.