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        • Barracuda Messenger Archiver
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          Barracuda Messenger Archiver

          The Barracuda Messenger Archiver helps organisations reduce e-mail storage requirements, meet stringent compliance requirements and easily and effectively manage e-discovery requests. Integration with the Barracuda Cloud provides secure long-term storage and protection of e-mails and increases end-user productivity by accessing every message ever sent or received from any device.

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        The causes of data loss.

        Data loss within a company can be traced back to myriad causes. While software and network faults are highest on the list of culprits, user error and carelessness aren’t far behind. Data theft by outside hackers also plays a substantial role. This can easily occur when you put off installing Windows patches until it’s too late, for instance, or when an employee clicks on a dangerous link. Each of these causes requires a specific solution—and it’s especially important to safeguard yourself against external threats. You’ll find exactly the software you need in our Bechtle online shop.


        Continuous central monitoring.

        At Bechtle, we offer data security and erasure solutions that are as varied as the causes of data loss themselves. Clearswift, for instance, offers Secure Email Gateway to manage your company’s e-mail communication using specific policies. Among other objectives, it aims to minimise data theft by requiring that certain files always be encrypted. Gemalto provides innovative encryption methods, industry-leading crypto management technology, authentication and identity management solutions as well as protection for sensitive data wherever it’s located. In addition, Gemalto helps institutions subject to stringent data-protection regulations meet their compliance obligations. And that keeps sensitive information, customer data and digital transactions safe from theft and tampering.


        Targeted, professional data erasure.

        Data security also entails managing files properly at their end-of-life stage—in other words, securely deleting them. Once confidential data is no longer needed, it’s usually not enough simply to delete it using a standard system feature. This deletes details about its storage location, but doesn’t erase its contents. Companies need professional data erasure solutions just to meet their in-house compliance rules, not to mention legal regulations. Such solutions are offered, for example, by Blancco software, which is recommended by 18 governing bodies around the world. Blancco data erasure management guarantees that data is independently and automatically wiped from all types of systems, such as PCs, servers, smartphones, tablets, storage and virtual systems, at any number of sites. This in turn minimises risk and ensures that all internal and external data erasure requirements are met. Our online shop carries not only Blancco software, but also solutions from Gemalto, Sophos and Clearswift.