Managing your Microsoft investment and keeping up to date with the compliance requirements can 
be a challenge. Not every business has a dedicated software asset management team, or a process to 
support with delivering an optimised licence practice. In many situations, businesses do not know what software licensing they own, or the usage eligibility they have access to, and are often challenged with managing the software across multiple contracts and estates, perhaps as a result of business acquisition or merger. ​

Bechtle’s Licence and Contract Management Review is designed to address these challenges and provide you with clarity on your licence ownership and associated use rights. Bechtle will support end-to-end in streamlining your Microsoft contracts. Through our proven framework, we will work with you to highlight best practice and provide guidance on the most suited contracted models for your business; any recommendations are based on detailed data analysis. ​

You will leave this workshop with a good understanding of Microsoft licensing and how to adhere to the Microsoft compliance guidelines in the short and long term. You will feel confident in the knowledge of what is required for continued compliance validation, ensuring you are fully prepared for any potential future audit. 

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Why choose this package?
  • To help you define and validate your internal SAM processes and challenges​
  • For full visibility of your software assets through any business change ​
  • Ensure a SAM best practice framework is followed when undergoing your next IT project ​
  • To demonstrate compliance validation across your Microsoft estate
Why Bechtle?
  • One of Microsoft’s largest European partners
  • A Microsoft GOLD partner
  • Broad range of professional services, provided by certified engineers
  • End to end support across the entire Microsoft portfolio
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