Computing Spare Parts

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                  • HP 65W CPU Fan
                    HP 65W CPU Fan
                    Country variant: Europe
                    Manufacturer’s warranty: 6-month bring-in (see manufacturer's website for details), 6 Monate Bring-In (Details siehe Hersteller-Website)
                    Product type: Fan
                    Bechtle no.: 200442157 Manufacturer no.: M10275-001

                    Gross price: £101.99 incl. £17.00 VAT

                  • Logitech USB Power Adapter
                    Logitech USB Power Adapter
                    Country variant: Europe
                    Product type: Power cable
                    Bechtle no.: 200034715 Manufacturer no.: 993-001143

                    Gross price: £27.59 incl. £4.60 VAT

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                  • HP EliteDesk 90W AC Adapter
                    HP EliteDesk 90W AC Adapter
                    Country variant: Europe
                    Power supply: External
                    Effective power: 90 W
                    Voltage: 19.5 V
                    No. of pins: 3
                    Bechtle no.: 2859581 Manufacturer no.: 773553-001

                    Gross price: £28.79 incl. £4.80 VAT

                  • Lenovo Tiny Serial Interface
                    Lenovo Tiny Serial Interface
                    Country variant: Europe
                    Product type: Cable
                    Manufacturer’s warranty: 3-month bring-in (see manufacturer's website for details), 3 Monate Bring-In (Details siehe Hersteller-Website)
                    Bechtle no.: 2857991 Manufacturer no.: 04X2733

                    Gross price: £49.19 incl. £8.20 VAT

                  The right replacement for repairs.                                                       

                  A defective hard disk or faulty charger can bring your computer to a grinding halt, meaning that replacing the part is a priority. This is especially true for businesses, as productivity can nosedive and costs sky-rocket when PCs, workstations or thin clients go down. Many computer issues can be fixed by tech-savvy IT employees if they have the right replacement SSDs, power adapters, motherboards and more on hand. When purchasing replacement parts—from input devices to built-in hard drives—it’s important to verify their compatibility with your computer, ensuring hassle-free installation and connection.


                  Upgrade with memory modules and hard drives.

                  Spare parts aren’t just useful for fixing defective PCs or workstations. You can also use them to upgrade your computer, boosting its performance. Larger storage modules let you expand your available capacity without having to invest in a new PC or workstation simply because you’re running out of room for new files. Or if new work processes require you to add more drives, whether they’re card readers, DVD burners or Blu-Ray drives, you can simply install them as needed.


                  A large selection of replacement parts in our online shop.

                  Bechtle offers various system components for use as replacement parts or upgrades. Among the more than 70,000 products in our shop, you’ll find input devices, storage media and key network components to replace defective parts. Our Bechtle online shop also offers easy-to-use filters to help you find what you need quickly. Simply indicate the manufacturer or product type as well as the desired price range. And because we know you want to replace defective components as quickly as possible, you can also choose to display only immediately available products. Ordering online doesn’t get any more convenient.