Solutions to provision IT workplaces efficiently.

IT workplaces are getting increasingly complex, making them more time and resource-intensive to manage. Security, mobility, collaboration and software provisioning—not to mention costs—are all important considerations. Effective workplace solutions must be able to master these challenges to ensure reliably smooth business processes.


Bechtle offers future-ready workplace solutions so your IT experts can refocus on their core responsibilities. Our managed workplace services not only optimise and continuously update your IT workplaces, they also assume full responsibility for functionality and cost.


You’ll benefit from standardised IT workplaces, optimised equipment and accelerated processes. In other words, a solid technical foundation for IT provisioning, no matter what the future holds.

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Benefits of Bechtle workplace services.

Imagine spending less to operate your devices, or paying only for the resources you actually use. Our managed workplace services not only save you money, they also enable you to adapt IT workplaces to new requirements quickly and easily. The end result is a more flexible, transparent cost structure and more future-ready infrastructure.


Take advantage of:

  • A lower TCO thanks to reduced maintenance
  • A pay-as-you-go structure based on actual usage
  • Fewer hardware investments as many programs can be used through Internet browsers
  • Quick, easy client management thanks to virtualisation
  • Automatic software updates
  • Faster provisioning of IT workplaces
  • No more software maintenance
Device as a Service.

Onboarding 300 colleagues in twelve different countries before noon? No problem.

Modern Meeting.

Better meetings in smaller spaces: make your meetings both more productive and future-proof.