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The Bechtle Journey

When is print not print? Perhaps when it is a platform within your business for content creation, information distribution and document workflow management. Amongst other things... 


If viewed as just a cost to the business, print can be a burden that takes up valuable resource. However, print is no longer simply how fast paper can come out of your chosen device, or how regularly you have to change the toner. Even managed print solutions are becoming standard now, with customers actively looking to remove all printing from their businesses, never mind getting a lower “cost per click”... 


So, what is a print solution in this day and age? That is a choice you must make and Bechtle is here to help you determine what it could be.

  • Does your business still have the need to interact with physical documents?
  • Would an automated document workflow improve processes and reduce costs?
  • Would automating the conversion from physical copies to digital minimise security risks? 


Businesses want to reduce their environmental footprint. Taking control of your print environment is a perfect step towards doing this, along with driving efficiencies in business processes. Print is still an area where significant benefits can be achieved – lowering cost, improving efficiency and providing a competitive edge.



As detailed on our Journeys homepage, Bechtle has an established model to support our clients, with key tailored steps for every part of the journey that fit your specific requirements.


The 4 stages below offer an example of how Bechtle will help build your Managed Print Journey:



1. Understand


  •  Identification of existing environment – device discovery, contractual reviews
  • Network audits looking at current printer models, print volumes and utilisation
  • Site audit compiling data on device, locations, user requirements and site-specific challenges.
  • Workflow analysis on how employees /customers interact with printed documentation.
  • Vision for future environment - areas to consolidate, streamline, add functionality and improve security



2. Design


  • Collaborative solution design – working closely with our print / software partners.
  • Proof of concept and hardware / software demonstrations either remotely or on-site.
  • Bespoke proposals detailing print layout, consolidations, cost saving / ROI and security improvements.



3. Deploy


  • Customisable deployment schedules tailored to meet unique site challenges.
  • Aligned resource from Bechtle and our partners to oversee deployment and ensure smooth transitions.
  • Pre delivery testing and configuration to allow for more efficient installation and limiting user disruption. 
  • User training on both new devices and software such as PaperCut, Safecom and MyQ.



4. Support


  • Customisable service agreements to meet site specific requirements.
  • Aligned resource from Bechtle and our partners to oversee the length of the agreement.
  • Ongoing performance and continual improvement plans.
  • Certified disposal/recycling services






The Results


A modern workplace, designed around user needs, can give your business a competitive edge. Providing your users with flexibility and a desirable working environment ensures they are productive and highly motivated. It also makes your business desirable to work for, attracting the best candidates.


User management, from deployment, lifecycle support and device disposal, can be a streamlined, easily managed process. This ensures your IT resource is available to proactively work on strategic projects to better support the wider business goals. A modern workplace will ensure an agile, flexible environment, without any sacrifice to data security.


An effective Managed Print solution will help your business to:



Streamline your processes


Reduce costs


Give your team a better user experience


Bechtle can help you bring your managed print to life

Case Study


Take a look at how we worked with IPC EMEA to simplify their business printing and reduce 
the management requirements.


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