The Bechtle Peripherals portfolio


Monitors serve as the link between users and the technology inside their computers. Image quality is therefore crucial. offers a diverse range of PC monitors.

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Public Displays

Public displays have to meet demanding requirements as they often operate round-the-clock. Check out our broad selection of models at

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Projectors are a vital part of business, as they ensure that everyone is able to see your media content clearly. Count on Bechtle to help you find the projector that’s right for you.

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Input Devices

Without input devices, it would be impossible to use your PC. offers a comprehensive selection for effective, convenient device operation.

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Scanners are used to digitalise documents. Find what you need at, from mobile scanners to A3-sized devices.

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Barcode Scanners

Barcode scanners are used to capture data and decode the information contained in barcodes. They’re ubiquitous in logistics and commercial settings—and available at

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Digital Photography

Our Bechtle online shop offers a large selection of digital cameras and digital picture frames for your business. Order them online today.

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Audio & Video

Our Bechtle online shop offers a large selection of audiovisual products for your business, from webcams to dictation devices.

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Warranties & Services

Our Bechtle online shop offers warranties and services for your company’s hardware peripherals. Protect yourself against unpleasant surprises and disruptive downtime.

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Bechtle’s extensive selection of peripheral accessories ensures that you’ll find everything you need to keep your equipment running smoothly.

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Top sellers

Get your computer to do more.

The purpose of peripherals, whether connected by cable, Bluetooth or another wireless technology, is to expand your computing capabilities. Our Bechtle online shop has an extensive selection of peripherals for companies in all industries. You’ll find monitors and keyboards, graphics tablets, touchpads, mice and digital styluses alongside projectors and digital photography equipment, including accessories like digital picture frames and webcams. We also carry speakers, microphones and headphones. In addition, our audio and video solutions feature dictation devices and entire dictation systems.


Hardware warranties and services.

As with all of our other shop categories, warranties and services are an integral part of our advanced-technology portfolio. You can purchase manufacturer warranty upgrades and services directly through our online shop. Our product managers will be happy to help you find the right solution, because maximising your warranty benefits minimises the consequences of a defective device.


The best hardware peripherals for your business.

Depending on your company’s context, you may need special peripherals. While monitors, keyboards and mice are in any office, your business may want a little something extra—public displays or touchscreens, for instance. Our online shop also carries wired and wireless/mobile barcode scanners for various applications. In addition, you’ll find flatbed and document scanners along, among other scanner types.