Next generation data centres.

– Automation: the key to agile IT.

Automation and standardisation. Dynamism and flexibility. These are just four of the growing number of demands being placed on modern, agile and scalable IT and rapidly increasing data volumes, Big Data, Industry 4.0, IoT and artificial intelligence are all accelerating these challenges. Companies are now being faced with the question of how to become more innovative and be able to react quickly to changes within their business as affordably and securely as possible.

A modern data centre has to balance maximum flexibility, affordability, high availability, automation and data security. Only then can your IT department contribute real added value to your business, whether that means in terms of optimising business processes, developing and supporting new business models or accelerating your go to market. Next generation data centres are the bridge between your business and the digital transformation and Bechtle is by your side navigating the divide from planning to construction to operations.

The multiple benefits of a modernised data centre.

Cost efficiency and financing.

Lower CapEx, optimise OpEx and enjoy flexible payment streams with vendors’ pay as you use and on demand financing models through Bechtle.

Right-sizing and elasticity.

Pay and use as you grow through targeted outsourcing of suitable workloads to the cloud and take advantage of on demand services as you need them.

Scalability and management.

Manage hybrid environments flexibly as if they were an own data centre and accelerate go to market.


Security and high availability.

Thanks to built-in security solutions for your network and data centre, plus disaster recovery, backup and archiving.

Head of Business Management Service & Solutions

Sven Heinsen

The modern data centre is ITs navigation hub, which is why we consider the big picture—from planning, procurement, installation and virtualisation to automation and data centre operations. We optimise your data centre architecture so you can focus on your business.

Modernise not renovate –
The data centre as the springboard for your cloud strategy.

The driving forces behind modernisation are the desire for consolidation, simplified administration and improved cost efficiency as infrastructures that have grown over the course of many years are increasingly difficult to control and workloads from the public cloud add a dash of extra complexity. It is nowhere near enough to upgrade classic components such as servers and storage, rather to create an agile, flexible infrastructure platform, breakdown silos, use standardisation and automation and therefore enable as uniform a cross-platform management as possible.

A growing number of businesses are therefore turning to the cloud to take the load off their data centres to create a much more agile hybrid environment and better tackle the growing challenges posed by the public cloud and on-premise structures in a hybrid architecture. A cloud strategy should always start with the modern data centre in order to be better able to expand into the cloud and exploit its benefits.

The big picture –
A 360°solution for your business.

Bechtle sees itself as the link between the digital transformation and your business true to the motto trust is good, but strong partnerships, the highest certifications and over 35 years of experience are better.

Security and openness are not mutually exclusive – Rethinking security.

Security has become more complex. Networking and data centre architectures in combination with hybrid and multi-cloud environments open up IT because after all, IT modernisation and transformation is also about breaking down walls and silos as classic firewalls are no longer able to offer enough protection. There is perhaps one image that best illustrates the new challenges. Corporate IT and therefore also IT security should no longer be viewed as a castle, but as an airport.

The subject of IT security has to be examined from every angle and understood in terms of processes as the number of cyberattacks is continuously growing, attacks from within are happening on a grand scale and, last but not least, the way attackers go about their business is constantly changing. At the same time, it is increasingly weeks or months before attacks are identified. Topics such as built-in security, self-defending networks and cyber defence strategies are at the top of the agenda. With Bechtle as your security partner, you can focus on a working, secure and available airport (your business) and we’ll take comprehensive are of your security.

One thing is for sure: We need new security concepts.


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