Modern Workplace

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What is a Modern Workplace?


The term 'Modern Workplace' is broad and covers a multitude of elements. For that reason, it is important to first consider what it means to you.

  • Is it the physical environment you provide your employees? 
  • Is it the ability to work from wherever needed, at whatever time?
  • Is it providing an environment to help drive collaboration internally and with your own customers?


Whatever it means to you, the undeniable fact is that the way we work is changing. The 9-5 in the office is phasing out. It is more and more important to provide your users with seamless functionality – enabling them to be productive, flexible and collaborative whether in the office or on the road. Anytime, anywhere is here to stay.
These changes bring natural challenges. How do you ensure this new environment is secure? How do you provide reliable access – to ensure high levels of productivity and user satisfaction? How do you simplify management of these new technologies?
By bringing together expertise in client technologies, collaboration, asset management, device deployment and more; Bechtle will help advise on what elements best fit your strategic direction and design solutions accordingly.



As detailed on our Journeys homepage, Bechtle has an established model to support our clients, with key tailored steps for every part of the journey that fit your specific requirements.


The 4 stages below offer examples of actions Bechtle will carry out to help build your Modern Workplace Journey:



1. Understand


  • What is a Modern Workplace to you? 
  • Identify business drivers around client, security, print and collaboration, to achieve a modern workplace
  • Identify/profile the existing use cases of your users – how do they want to work vs how you want them to work? Consideration of security concerns
  • The need to collaborate – how, when and where?
  • Reviewing the blockers of becoming a truly agile business



2. Design


  • Build and propose new processes, based on new technology adoption
  • Provide PoC for vendor offerings
  • Define stages of transition and the success criteria to measure adoption of a modern workplace 
  • Review against original targets



3. Deploy


  • Migrations and implementation of chosen technologies integrated with existing systems
  • Creation of new device (including software and additional peripherals) packages with automation of imaging/maintenance inbuilt and seamless onboarding to users upon order
  • Defined back end infrastructure created and consolidated where applicable



4. Support


  • Adoption strategy carried out with milestones and department champions 
  • Optimisation reviews ensuring model continuously adapts to your business changes 
  • Managed service wrappers available to support device and software management/updates




The Results


A modern workplace, designed around user needs, can give your business a competitive edge. Providing your users with flexibility and a desirable working environment ensures they are productive and highly motivated. It also makes your business desirable to work for, attracting the best candidates.


User management, from deployment, lifecycle support and device disposal, can be a streamlined, easily managed process. This ensures your IT resource is available to proactively work on strategic projects to better support the wider business goals. A modern workplace will ensure an agile, flexible environment, without any sacrifice to data security.


By embracing a modern workplace, your business can benfit from: 



Avoiding future risks


A reduced total cost of ownership


Ensuring end users recognise IT as an enabler to their work, not a hindrance


Bechtle can help you bring your modern workplace to life

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