Software Asset Management

The Bechtle Journey

Software typically accounts for over 30% of most IT budgets and consequently needs careful managing. Taking steps to ensure that these vital assets are working for an organisation can often seem like working with a moving target but with our help we can support you in ensuring that this investment is fully optimised and offering a healthy return.

In addition to the return on investment potential, a focus on SAM can also help to ensure software license compliance, making many organisations less attractive to vendor audits as well helping you to prepare for future IT resourcing decisions.



As detailed on our Journeys homepage, Bechtle has an established model to support our clients, with key tailored steps for every part of the journey that fit your specific requirements. The 4 stages below offer examples of actions Bechtle will carry out to help build your Software Asset Management (SAM) Journey:





1. Understand


  • The current environment and what Software Asset Management (SAM) means for your organisation
  • What processes are in place already
  • Establish what tools are employed already and assess their effectiveness
  • Develop understanding of functions, people and dynamics within the business and relevant software usage and requirements




2. Design


  • Identify best fit for SAM services or processes for the business
  • Proof of concept and tool demos through key vendor engagement
  • Outline most appropriate toolset or how to better exploit existing tool/s
  • Develop SAM maturity roadmap
  • Build in appropriate support services
  • Present a financial model




3. Deploy


  • Define delivery plan and specify key milestones
  • Outline project management team and specialists
  • Facilitate installation of any selected tool
  • Deliver tailored service en-route to SAM maturity
  • Regularly review deliverables and where possible demonstrate ROI



4. Support

  • Ensure deliverables
  • Review service and tool delivery against SAM objectives and adjust accordingly
  • Identify further ROI and optimisation potential
  • Maintain tool efficiency
  • Actively seek out continuous improvement





The Results


A mature SAM process can help organisations correct any potential overspend on software and make sure that any risks are proactively identified and addressed. Fundamentally intended to be part of an organisation's information technology business strategy, the goals of SAM are to reduce information technology (IT) costs and to limit business and legal risk related to the ownership and use of software, whilst maximising IT responsiveness and end-user productivity. SAM is particularly important for corporations in regard to the redistribution of licenses and managing legal risks associated with software ownership and expiration.


A healthy SAM approach can: 


Limit business & legal risk


Reduce IT costs


Improve end-user productivity



Bechtle can help you bring your Software Asset Management (SAM) to life

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