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Manufacturer no.: 650580

Bechtle no.: 650580

Product type: ISDN / modem cable


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Manufacturer no.: 34015

Bechtle no.: 636269

Product type: Port doubler


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Manufacturer no.: 75004

Bechtle no.: 334594

Product type: Tools


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Manufacturer no.: 34225

Bechtle no.: 334472

Product type: ISDN / modem cable


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Manufacturer no.: 34226

Bechtle no.: 333519

Product type: ISDN / modem cable


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Manufacturer no.: 285725

Bechtle no.: 285725

Product type: ISDN / modem cable


Gross price: £3.62 incl. £0.60 VAT

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The primary means of business communication.

Despite the profusion of chat features and e-mail programs, phones have remained the top means of communication in businesses—not just in-house but also with customers and partners. Our Bechtle online shop carries the phone cables your company needs, including ISDN/modem cables, adapters and plugs, along with analogue cables and adapters (TAE). Our portfolio is always expanding to make room for the latest technology, such as VoIP.


Take advantage of our excellent service.

When it comes to phone connectivity, Bechtle trusts manufacturers such as EFB Elektronik, Hama and LINDY. In addition to modems, adapters and plugs, we also offer additional accessories like cable tidies and port doublers. Use the search feature in our shop if you’re looking for a specific product you’re already familiar with. You can also use filter criteria to narrow down our vast selection and check out your options. Then select the products you’re interested in and compare their specifications side by side. Most items in our online shop are available for immediate delivery and come with comprehensive manufacturer warranties and services.


The future is calling – over VoIP.

Employees generally don’t lose much sleep over what type of technical system their phones operate on, as long as the quality is good enough. For a long time, VoIP—which provides phone service over the internet—just couldn’t deliver, but the increase in bandwith has changed that dramatically. For corporate executives, this new technology is appealing for yet another reason—it can save their business a pretty penny. And familiar phone functions like switching between lines and putting callers through are still available. VoIP uses your business network to make calls, thereby streamlining your corporate infrastructure. In addition, phone numbers are no longer location-dependent. As a strong IT provider in touch with cutting-edge trends, we’re happy to advise you.