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Questions about Structuring?

Customers expect IT to fit their company like a glove. But successful IT projects depend on much more than a solid technical solution. They also require a sound economic foundation. This is reflected in the final contract structure, which is true to Bechtle’s one-stop principle. Everything is condensed into one contract with a single price tag. Discover how simple financing can be.


Sacha Tupper

Business Solutions


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Technical design.

The best tech for your business is a given. That includes a set of harmonised hardware and software, and the right services delivered where you need them, when you need them. We understand that a company’s needs change over time. That’s why options to scale the scope of your contract or return equipment during the contract period are clarified early on. As agile as your business. With a fixed price model you can rely on.

Financial design.

What’s true for your business is true for your IT project, too. It’s built on robust calculations and a transparent cost structure that extends throughout the project duration. What’s more, we also take your specific operational requirements into account, including internal processes and cost allocation. Always with a keen eye on all relevant accounting standards, from IAS to US-GAAP to the German Commercial Code. Your business is international? Not a problem. Cross-border VAT and customs are all part of the package.

Contractual design.

Full, managed, shared, or cloud—it’s all in one contract, no matter the nature of your service. Our unified 360° contract framework covers all your specific IT needs as well as the usual modalities of duration, termination, purchase, return or renewal options, all tailored to fit your business. Everything in a nutshell.

Take care of your business. We take care of the rest. That’s 360° portfolio management by Bechtle.


Smart financing solutions from our experienced IT specialists.


Precise analysis, crystal-clear visualisation and a future-oriented implementation tailored to your business model.


The big picture – one frame. Every IT project needs financing. So we paint it in from the get go.