International Procurement

The Bechtle Journey

Managing procurement and the deployment of technologies is tough. Finding the right supplier to trust with your business and who has the capabilities to support your requirements can be a significant challenge. Adding in multiple offices only increases that difficulty. Trying to arrange that internationally? That can be a next level conundrum.


When trying to support global offices, key considerations include:


  • How do you know who to trust in that market?
  • How do you effectively and clearly communicate with them? 
  • How do you manage and control your spend across global locations, whilst mitigating risk? 


The minefield of global supply extends far beyond these as well. Standardising on certain products, deploying solutions to sites, servicing those solutions, rolling out certain projects centrally due to configuration requirements etc. All are elements that should be considered when supporting global offices.

Working with a strategic partner, who understands the global market and can help you overcome these hurdles is an important part of this journey. The right partner, one who has experience in this area and has helped other customers overcome them, could be an invaluable asset to you.



As detailed on our Journeys homepage, Bechtle has an established model to support our clients, with key tailored steps for every part of the journey that fit your specific requirements.

The 4 stages below offer examples of actions Bechtle will carry out to help build your International Journey:



1. Understand


  • Current global environment
  • Current challenges – new location being set up, deployment of specific project, management of global spend etc
  • Vendor partnerships and global agreements
  • Services/support requirements – client imaging/deployment etc 
  • Desired state



2. Design


  • Proposal built around Bechtle own offices and /or global partners where required
  • Pre-sales engagement to determine services platforms around device imaging (if required) etc
  • Workshops with stakeholders, to establish priorities throughout business 
  • Feedback to establish suitability of proposed design, leading to refinement



3. Deploy


  • Bechtle European offices and global partners engaged
  • Vendor agreements distributed
  • Pricing frameworks distributed
  • Introduction made to in-country providers, where required
  • Access to online portals created
  • Services infrastructure deployed in agreement with customer requirement



4. Support


  • Global site management information available in regular review meetings
  • Established network to support escalations and problem resolution
  • Global Account Manager to coordinate across all locations




The Results


Working with a globally capable partner will offer many benefits to your business. Processes can be standardised and streamlined; deployment of your chosen solutions can be more effectively managed and your focus can be on the strategic direction of your business, rather than being focussed on time-consuming administration tasks.

Bechtle’s ability to offer various models for global procurement and support means that whatever challenges a company may be facing, a solution can be built for them. Through Bechtle’s own European offices, our extensive export capabilities and our tier-1 Global IT Alliance, Bechtle offers customers extensive global options to support their requirements.

By working with Bechtle on your international procurement, your business can benefit from: 

Standardised and streamlined processes


Manage the deployment of your chosen solutions effectively


More time to focus on the strategic direction of your business

Bechtle can help you bring the business benefits of International Procurement to life

To view our full list of global IT partners, please visit our GITA page.


For more information on our international offerings, please contact Steven Trueman:



Steven Trueman

International Business Development Manager


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