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Modern IT architectures have to meet increasing demands for functionality and agility, all the while safeguarding smooth business operations. However, buying IT equipment is only half the battle. CIOs and CFOs are also faced with a jungle of maintenance contracts, warranty agreements, licence management, insurance policies and asset management. Dispersed organisations in particular are seeking to harmonise high quality and economic efficiency across national and international sites. Enter Bechtle Financial Services AG—the easy way to keep your IT, budget, and future on balance.


All-things-considered IT management.

As a financing company licenced by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) and in partnership with fully regulated partners in other territories, we empower the Bechtle Group to deliver truly end-to-end IT portfolio management to our customers. Our 360  consulting, content structuring and financing solutions help you unlock extraordinary financial advantages, unimaginable flexibility, razor-sharp planning and total transparency.


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Precise analysis, crystal-clear visualisation and a future-oriented implementation tailored to your business model.


Successful IT projects depends not only on a solid technical solution, but also a sound economic foundation.


The big picture – one frame. Every IT project needs financing. So we paint it in from the get go.


The workplace of the future is mobile, connected and as multi-faceted as your business. All thanks to cutting-edge technology and services.


Bechtle Financial Services AG bridges the gap between IT and finance. An interview with Dr Henning Herzog, Chairman of the Board of Bechtle Financial Services AG.