USB Connectivity

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                      Connecting your business devices.

                      Virtually all end devices feature USB ports, whether they’re desktop PCs, notebooks or thin clients. This makes it easy for employees to transfer or share data via USB media, or even to connect multiple devices. Despite the many alternatives, USB is still the most prevalent option chosen by businesses for transferring data —provided their in-house security policy permits it. It’s used to pass on presentations, drop off data for the department next door and take pressing work home. Our online shop offers a large selection of different products enabling you to use USB connectivity flexibly and responsibly, including USB adapters, hubs and cables and docking stations.


                      USB Ports and hubs.

                      USB ports are a fast solution that doesn’t require any high-tech expertise. Use them to connect business devices quickly and easily via USB hubs or docking stations. If your notebook or PC doesn’t have enough USB ports, simply connect a USB hub for a hassle-free way to add all the devices you need. Check out our Bechtle online shop for USB products from Apple, Delock, HP,, Hama and Lenovo, to name just a few.


                      Finding the right solution.

                      Our online shop offers useful filter options for all of our products. If you’re looking for a USB docking station, you can narrow down your choices by brand. If it’s a USB adapter you’re after, you may want to filter by the interface you need adapted, such as HDMI, SATA or Ethernet. USB hubs facilitate communication between devices and storage media. In this case, the bandwidth, USB version and number of ports are all crucial to your choice. Feel free to contact our product managers with any questions you may have, and they’ll be happy to advise you on the right USB connectivity.