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Success stories of customers with future-proof IT.

Every customer is different and each solution distinct. But every single project is implemented with an entrepreneurial spirit that prioritises flexibility, cost consciousness and uncompromising quality. While they won’t mirror your exact circumstances, our references will provide inspiration and ideas for your own IT goals.

"Our migration to the Cloud was a daunting task and Bechtle were

pivotal in helping us to achieve the best solution possible from consultation to implementation"


Joel Steel, Head of Technology, Wilkin Chapman LLP Solicitors

Wilkin Chapman

Wilkin Chapman were approaching the end of their four-year IT refresh cycle and were looking for advice on the best way forward. Bechtle, as a Microsoft gold partner, highlighted the option of the Microsoft Cloud Suite and how it could work within their business. Wilkin Chapman now had two options; they could either purchase new hardware and software whilst continuing to manage and support their own on-premise email and collaboration platform, or they could move to a subscription based model utilising Office 365 that provides all the support and maintenance required.

“Our server virtualisation project was an important part of our

modernization strategy and Bechtle proved an invaluable partner in completing the implementation on time and on budget.”


Tony Nicholson, IT Director at The Bristol Port Company

Bristol Port

Bristol Port came to us with a requirement of replacing their mission critical systems. They had an ageing infrastructure with limited manageability and scalability which required a lot of resource from the IT team to maintain and support. As the equipment was old, it also raised an issue of reliability and an extra factor of worry.

“Working with Bechtle took the stress out of what was a very complex and time consuming process.

The team remained professional and efficient from start to finish and their expertise and understanding led to significant savings for the firm....”


Steve Turner, IT and Facilities Manager at GA Solicitors

GA Solicitors

GA Solicitors was approached by Microsoft to undertake a software licensing review. A Microsoft led SAM review requires a business to present a current state of compliance. However, the thought of a Microsoft review can spark fear in the eyes of any IT guru due to the complexity and extent of the procedure, as well as numerous ambiguous questions. To aid with the review, GA Solicitors requested assistance from Bechtle in assessing their deployment state vs. the licence ownership. Bechtle provided advice on achieving a desired state of licence compliance. With the introduction of Citrix and VDI technology in the business, there developed a change in requirements for desktop and server licencing. This was addressed as part of the Bechtle licencing review.