Agile Work

The Bechtle Journey
What is a Agile Work?

Agile work is the new way of working, empowering productivity, creativity, and teamwork. An agile working environment transforms employee experience enabling a culture where employees contribution is not affected by geographical location in an ever-increasing hybrid world. Therefore, highlighting the importance of always being one step ahead when thinking about IT investment. 


In a world where the 9-5 is phasing out and employees can join a meeting from home or abroad it is increasingly important to provide your users with seamless functionality.


This shift brings natural challenges. How do you provide reliable access? How do you maintain collaboration? How do you ensure your data is secure? By bringing together expertise, collaboration, deployment plans and software asset management; Bechtle will guide you on your journey and advise on the most appropriate solutions that work for the here and now whilst also considering your long-term plans to ensure you receive the best ROI. In turn, ensuring you invest in the most suitable online services.



As detailed on our Journeys homepage, Bechtle has an established model to support our clients, with key tailored steps for every part of the journey that fit your specific requirements.


The 4 stages below offer examples of actions Bechtle will carry out to help build your Agile Working Journey:



1. Understand


  • Identification of existing environment – Email platform, data management/location, communication technology, legacy systems, key business priorities, current areas of knowledge, international presence and business scale.
  • Vision for future environment - balance of cloud vs on-premise, agility required, work environments (remote vs onsite).
  • Identify business drivers around client, security, collaboration, to achieve an agile work practice.
  • Identify/profile the existing use cases of your users – how do they want to work vs how you want them to work? Consideration of roles and services needed to fulfil these.



2. Design


  • Review migration solutions, plan security best practice, build deployment plans and activation model, design adoption strategy and build end user training plans.
  • Define user profiles and map to licence models available.
  • Define stages of transition and the success criteria to measure adoption of an agile work practice.



3. Deploy


  • Migrations and implementation of chosen technologies - carry out test scenarios prior to go live.
  • Deliver adoption training for end users to ensure success criteria are met at go live.



4. Support


  • Optimisation reviews ensuring model continuously adapts to your business changes and services are being utilised.
  • Managed service wrappers available to support software management/updates.
  • End user training platform available to support with continued success of service and growth of internal experience.





The Results


An agile working environment designed around end user needs provides your users with the right tools and services to increase agility, efficiency, whilst ensuring manageable billing that works for your business.


Streamlined IT setup, management and costs will help to consolidate vendor spend, reduce the cost of security risks and manage users and devices to provide you with the tools to build and manage your business. This enables your IT resource to proactively work on strategic projects to better support your wider business goals.


By engaging with Bechtle, you will work alongside an organisation which possesses the accreditations and capabilities to support you at every step of the way.


By embracing agile working, your business can benefit from:




Manageable Billing





Bechtle can help you bring the business benefits of Agile Working to life

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