Collaboration – for synergistic teamwork.

Today, collaboration stands for much more than the traditional idea of working together in terms of content and information sharing. Collaboration has become much more interactive, and integrates an all new component of social activity. Businesses today expect their intranet platforms to offer a highly personalised experience, providing employees with efficient tools to collaborate, submit digital forms, socialise, and use internal market places.

Whether you’re interested in your very own custom platform or a standard modular solution, Bechtle specialists will find the right intranet platform for you while keeping your most important target group in mind: your employees.

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Reinventing digital collaboration.

There are numerous solutions that can help you redesign your digital workplace to make it more attractive. More and more employees and employers are looking for new ways to collaborate:

  • Multi-user editing and versioning
  • Project teams with digital workspaces for tasks, meetings and content sharing
  • Working together in teams, companies, or with external partners
  • Unified, modern user interface and intuitive functionality
  • Easy assignment of read and write access at user or group level


The freedom to work on a project remotely and/or according to one’s own flexible schedule is now a staple in modern companies. The specialists at Bechtle will write up a digital workplace roadmap with you and help you find the right technologies and strategy to get you ready for Collaboration 4.0. We will also prepare you for introducing the new technologies into your company in terms of user adoption and employee acceptance.


Automation with workflows and forms.

Collaboration can mean many different things to different people and is often associated with digital forms, process automation and seamless cross-platform workflows. With such solutions to choose from as Nintex, K2 or Microsoft Flow, a wide variety of tasks including submitting vacation requests, job vacancy descriptions, orders, company car reservations, approval processes and applications can be digitalised quickly and easily.


Events management with BELOS©.

Managing events of all kinds is always a challenge. A successful event depends on the efficient collaboration of many people and different teams. To streamline event management, Bechtle has created BELOS©, a digital platform that helps you organise everything from invites to catering. With BELOS©, everyone in the company has the latest information always at hand.





Custom business solutions.

Despite the wide variety of off-the-peg solutions to choose from, none may fit your exact bill. In this case, Bechtle will help you with the development of a modification or expansion, whether its an app for SharePoint, iOS or Android, or a completely new solution. Specialists for the platform or environment in question will help you design the perfect solution for your needs.


Bechtle provides the right tools and support on all levels of collaboration: in addition to Microsoft technologies (Exchange, SharePoint, Skype 4 Business, etc.), there are also collaboration software solutions from IBM, Intrexx and an array of other highly interesting software packages. Nintex or K2 turn your analogue processes digital. BELOS© takes care of event management and digital signage. And for any special requirements, Bechtle is always open to creating an individual solution that’s just right for your business.

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