Maintenance & Repair – service from a single source.

Questions about Maintenance & Repair?

IT infrastructures are often made up of multi-vendor environments. Each manufacturer will only support their own products. Different service levels add to the complexity. This often leads to a service chaos: Who is responsible for which service? And who should you contact when service levels overlap?


Thanks to Bechtle Maintenance & Repair you can sit back and relax. We take care of your entire heterogeneous IT infrastructure. With Bechtle Maintenance & Repair you have one single contact person for all service requests. And for your business that means less administration and improved efficiency.


Sacha Tupper

Business Solutions


Phone: +44 1249 467976



  • Single point of contact (24×7)
  • Warranty claims and spare parts procurement from all major vendors
  • Service technicians available nationwide
  • Skills backed by 200 partner certifications
  • Expertise in server, storage, network and client systems
  • Global partner network

Our services broken down:

  • Warranty extension 
  • Restore 
  • Swap and rollout services 
  • IMAC/RD services 
  • Hardware as a Service (HaaS) 

Warranty upgrades and service agreements.

Our on-site services, provided either in cooperation with manufacturers or through our own service packs and agreements, go beyond standard manufacturer warranties and are guaranteed by predefined service level agreements.

A custom combination of service availability and service levels meets various individual needs. Hardware is repaired according to the agreed service level either on site or in our own repair centre. And all of our service processes are guided by best practices and based on ITIL.


Best of all, we’re able to obtain replacement parts round the clock to ensure SLA compliance.


  • Maximum security
  • Agreed service levels
  • Superior flexibility
  • Warranty upgrades are available at any time
  • Custom agreement duration and service levels
  • Services available throughout Europe
  • 24-hour support, 365 days a year
  • Our specialists are certified for all products from major vendors


If your system goes down, pre-defined restore times ensure that your hardware will be up and running within an agreed time frame. This is ensured through our central and emergency warehouses located in your area.


Located throughout Europe, our certified service technicians will be able to reach your site quickly. And all costs are covered by your agreement.


  • Response times of as little as 2 hours
  • System restore within just 6 hours
  • Maximum system availability
  • Unbeatable cost savings
  • Full cost transparency
  • You assume no responsibility for personnel
  • 24h call centre services

Swap and rollout services.

Make sure your IT is always performing at its best. Keep pace with the demands of the latest software applications and services and keep things running smoothly with on-time hardware rollouts.


Our swap and rollout services will help you keep your hardware estate up to date. You can specify yourself when it’s time to replace servers, network components, desktop PCs, printers, notebooks and other hardware (every three years, for example) or, alternatively, we can assume full responsibility for your hardware life cycle management. Your benefit: Our modular life cycle management is designed to adapt to your individual requirements.

IMAC/RD services.

Your IT environment will only acheive its full potential when all components and processes are properly managed and co-ordinated. This can include installing and configuring software, moving hardware systems to new locations, adding or changing software and hardware, or removal and disposal.


IMAC/RD services overview:

Install: Initial installation and pre-configuration of hardware components, installation of software, delivery and on-site setup and installation, custom services, and more.

Move: Dismantling and packing up devices, transport, installation at new location, and more.

Add: Installation of additional hardware and software.

Change: Changing existing hardware configurations, updating installed software, configuring installed software applications, uninstalling software that is no longer needed, and more.

Remove: Checking devices that need to be uninstalled, data erasure in compliance with regulations, creating deletion records, dismantling and removal of specified hardware, and more.

Dispose: Transport and environmentally responsible recycling, hardware refresh (refurbishment/inspection) and return to customer or resale.

Hardware as a Service (HaaS).

We can meet all your requirements for:

  • Liquidity / balance sheet / budget / internal cost allocation / legal / tax
  • Flexible agreements
  • Flexible termination, agreement periods and renewal terms
  • On balance sheet vs. off balance sheet

We also offer flexible price models throughout the life of the agreement: e.g. output, price-per-seat (-port, -unit) or pay-as-you-earn models; consideration of balance sheet extensions or contractions, support for internal cost allocation, etc.


Naturally, we also offer a secure end-of-life management. This includes device collection, certified data erasure, data migration, audit compliance, compliance with legal regulations, certified disposal, etc.