The Bechtle Infrastructure Software portfolio.

Our Bechtle online shop offers all popular operating systems—from Windows and Apple to Linux—to power your company’s PCs and servers.

Monitoring software ensures that your IT systems operate smoothly, with as few issues as possible. Check out our Bechtle online shop to find the right solution for your infrastructure.

Save resources by installing your software remotely without any user intervention. Check out our Bechtle online shop for programs to deploy and maintain software.

Optimise the lifecycle of your IT infrastructure with integrated Lifecycle Management. You’ll find the ideal software at

Take advantage of remote access technology to maintain your IT systems. You’ll find the software to do it in our Bechtle online shop.

Powerful software is required to develop, manage and optimise databases. You’ll find this software at

Optimise your company’s IT infrastructure with professional software, available at

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The best software components

Our Bechtle online shop offers over 70,000 products in total, including hardware and software as well as licences and manufacturer warranties. This extensive portfolio enables you to build the exact IT infrastructure you want with the expert advice of our professional product managers. Operating systems are essential and can vary considerably. Databases require suitable software to meet specific administrative, analytical, benchmarking and reporting requirements. And need we even mention the importance of data backups?


The right software for every industry

We work closely with leading infrastructure software providers. Microsoft is a key player when it comes to operating systems. Veritas offers secure storage management solutions while Ivanti covers lifecycle management, migration, monitoring, reporting as well as software provisioning and maintenance. Evidently, running an effective infrastructure entails an endless list of tasks, but you can count on proven software to deliver lasting solutions.


Equip your IT for the future at Bechtle

Corporate infrastructure is always changing. Virtualisation allows you to unlock tremendous resources in no time. And as servers, storage and networks become increasingly intertwined, management processes must adapt. At Bechtle, we realise we have the opportunity—and responsibility—to keep up to the minute on IT trends and offer you the best software for your company’s infrastructure.