Public Sector


Bechtle is dedicated to assisting Charity, Housing, and Not-for-profit customers in their digital transformation journey. With our specialised expertise and innovative solutions, we strive to empower these sectors to fulfill their missions effectively and efficiently. Explore the support Bechtle offers to help your organisation thrive in the digital landscape.



Our services are tailored to meet your specific needs, offering specialised advice on vendor schemes, ensuring budget-friendly solutions, and providing special discounts and pricing. With free pre-sales consultancy and access to our online e-procurement platform, procuring necessary products and services is streamlined. 

Additionally, our dedicated account management and comprehensive health checks, training, and adoption programs, with available funding for eligible customers, ensure your organisation receives the support they need. With Bechtle's expertise and resources, navigating digital transformation becomes straightforward, allowing you to reach your objectives with confidence.



We offer flexible ecosystems across organisations, addressing challenges such as sustainability, tenant safety, complaint resolution, and community growth support, all while leveraging data and analytics for better decision-making.

Civil Society

Charities and voluntary organisations face constant adaptation. They adeptly respond to society's evolving demands, tackling diverse challenges through tailored digital solutions. Bechtle services address data security, digital inclusion, workforce training, automation, resource management, and cyber protection.


Our customers are tasked with supporting a mobile workforce while managing shrinking budgets due to fundraising challenges. Leveraging our strategic vendor relationships, we establish frameworks to help charity customers cut costs and benefit from economies of scale, regardless of size.


Every customer is different and each solution distinct. But every single project is implemented with an entrepreneurial spirit that prioritises flexibility, cost consciousness and uncompromising quality. While they won’t mirror your exact circumstances, our references will provide inspiration and ideas for your own IT goals.