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                    Less absenteeism thanks to ergonomic equipment.

                    Investing in high-quality office equipment is an investment in your employees’ health. Ergonomic chairs, curved keyboards, adjustable desks and well-lit desks have become the standard in office comfort. Our portfolio, which features over 70,000 products in total, also includes additional accessories to boost staff wellness—from desk-mounted, pivoting phone platforms to monitor, notebook and tablet holders. Properly equipping your office is an important part of occupational health and safety, helping lower absenteeism rates. Chronic back and neck pain in particular can be prevented effectively with the right ergonomic aids.


                    Preventing illness with the right office equipment.

                    The selection we offer at includes non-slip, antibacterial mouse pads as well as wrist rests made with gel and other high-tech materials. By taking pressure off the nerves of the wrist, you can lower the risk of your employees suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. Mouse pads with an integrated gel wrist rest are designed on the same principle. Height-adjustable foot and back rests featuring cooling and heating are also useful in making your staff’s time at the office more comfortable, which positively influences performance. Contact the product managers in our Bechtle online shop with any questions you may have. Or use the many filter options in our ‘Ergonomics in the office’ category to find the right office equipment for your business.


                    Practical elements for an ergonomic workspace.

                    Not only does Bechtle keep up with current developments, we strive to anticipate the trends and requirements of the future. That’s the principle behind our portfolio of modern office furniture and accessories, such as radio-controlled desk clocks and digital timers, both of which are handy helpers. We also carry a large number of lamp options to ensure you’re able to get the lighting in your workplace just right. Choose anything from overhead lights to clamp-on desk lamps, available with a magnifying glass, energy-saving bulbs or LEDs. All lamps are adjustable to keep them from blinding you or reflecting on your screen. With all the options available to make your office more ergonomic, our product managers will be happy with any questions or concerns you may have.