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                      Good communication underpins successful collaboration.

                      The foundation of successful social collaboration is effective communication. The problem, however, is not a lack of options but rather an overabundance. Countless communication channels bombard employees with information requiring a response. And if this interaction involves sending documents back and forth, your staff spends even more time away from their core duties. Members of project teams in particular must define a common communication platform that meets all the criteria required for successful collaboration. This can be a SharePoint solution or traditional e-mail communication—what matters is that it’s effective and efficient. Access should also be easily available for all team members, whether on mobile devices or desktop PCs.


                      Microsoft Exchange Server.

                      A compelling communication infrastructure includes tailored solutions to meet your company’s specific needs. And you’ll find them at Microsoft Exchange Server serves as a solid basis for e-mail communication, enabling the central management of e-mails, appointments, contacts and tasks. The two versions available, Standard and Enterprise, differ in the number of connected users. This platform is often coupled with the Microsoft Outlook client software to enhance user-friendliness.


                      Providers in our Bechtle online shop.

                      At, you’ll find numerous products to complement our communications solutions, such as signature managers to administer e-mail signatures centrally on your Exchange Server. These managers allow you to change e-mail signatures without requiring any action from your employees, ensuring consistency across your company whenever e-mails are sent to external recipients. Our expert product managers will be happy to assist you in finding the right products to enhance your business communication.