Operační systémy

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                      Laying a solid groundwork with the right operating system.

                      No matter what type of computer you’ve selected, you’ll need an operating system before you can use it. Without one, the device simply won’t start. And even if it did, there wouldn’t be any user interface to access programs and applications. In essence, your operating system is what links your hardware and software, enabling the internal processes that allow you to work. Operating systems are used not only to power computers, but also mobile devices and servers. Our product managers will be happy to advise you on which operating system is best suited to your devices and intended purpose.


                      Selecting the right operating system for your computers and servers.

                      Many companies still default to Microsoft Windows when selecting their operating system. Nevertheless, Mac OS X, which is compatible exclusively with Apple products, is another favourite. Linux is popular for servers, especially in connection with cloud computing and virtualisation. And although Microsoft offers an equally popular and high-performing server operating system, it differs from Linux in how it handles scripts and databases. Assigning permissions is also easier on a Windows server than Linux.


                      Operating systems in our Bechtle online shop.

                      Our online shop offers operating systems such as SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, which aims to meet the demands of advancing virtualisation in corporate environments. In fact, SUSE has optimised its Linux Enterprise Server for all major virtualisation hypervisors and cloud platforms in response to the growing trend among companies to move their workloads to virtual and cloud environments. But Bechtle also offers the latest Windows operating systems for PCs and servers, as well as additional tools and server operating systems. Our product managers will be happy to answer any questions you may have about your company’s operating systems.