GA Solicitors – Collaboration to Optimisation

GA Solicitors was approached by Microsoft to undertake a software licensing review. A Microsoft led SAM review requires a business to present a current state of compliance. However, the thought of a Microsoft review can spark fear in the eyes of any IT guru due to the complexity and extent of the procedure, as well as numerous ambiguous questions. To aid with the review, GA Solicitors requested assistance from Bechtle in assessing their deployment state vs. the licence ownership. Bechtle provided advice on achieving a desired state of licence compliance. With the introduction of Citrix and VDI technology in the business, there developed a change in requirements for desktop and server licencing. This was addressed as part of the Bechtle licencing review.

Project details.

  • Software
  • Financial / Insurance
  • Microsoft
  • <250 employees

    Bechtle’s Solution

    As a Microsoft Gold Volume Licensing partner, Bechtle was able to offer the services of one of its Microsoft licencing specialists - providing active advice and support to GA Solicitors to ensure that the review process was completed with confidence, ease and clarity. Bechtle’s licencing team provided an optimisation workflow that offered a 4-stage consultation, reviewing aspects within GA Solicitors such as:


    • Licence management processes and business strategy
    • Licence discovery assessment (via MS)
    • Licence optimisation advise and software implementation
    • methods
    • Licence output review


    Bechtle provided support with challenges that Microsoft had presented and advised on how to present data back to Microsoft with concise explanations as to the use of software on the estate. Without this support, there was a significant risk of GA Solicitors purchasing above its requirement simply because of the ambiguous structure of the Microsoft review. Bechtle supported GA with the interpretation of Microsoft terminology and new licencing models that impacted their licence deployment options. The focus throughout this engagement was to optimise existing software and to support some of the more challenging requests from Microsoft which resulted in a fair and true compliant state for the business.


    The Benefits

    The benefits to GA Solicitors of working with Bechtle on the review were clear. With Bechtle assessing the data, GA Solicitors was presented with a reduction in the cost of achieving software compliance due to a lower required commitment. The relationship built between Bechtle and GA Solicitors during this engagement has resulted in a continued partnership with support now being provided for other areas of the business.

    Steve Turner, IT and Facilities Manager
    "Working with Bechtle took the stress out of what was a very complex and time consuming process. The team remained professional and efficient from start to finish and their expertise and understanding led to significant savings for the firm. We would highly recommend them to anyone else having to undertake a Microsoft review."

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