Bechtle’s Solution

Bechtle’ strives to start the engagement process for solution delivery from a base of understanding. As part of the need to discover the basics, we carried out a ‘needs analysis’ - highlighting the key reasons for change, basic requirements and the long term goals. This allowed us to provide the best advice and solutions for maximum impact with the customers’ needs in mind.


This engagement strategy changed the entire dynamic of the initial request. One of the key outcomes from our engagement strategy and the ‘needs analysis’ was the understanding of their current and future IT needs. Over and above core service management, a number of other critical requirements were identified. 


These included:

  • ITIL Based Service Management
  • Self Service
  • Imaging
  • Software Deployment and Removal
  • Service Catalogue
  • Patch Management
  • Discovery


A further requirement and perhaps the most vital one, was the need for a consistent workflow binding of all the technical requirements and aligning them with internal processes and industry compliance needs (GAMP). This meant that the workflow had to be comprehensive, but also agile - allowing the internal IT Team to make, manage and amend workflow within one single platform.


Having discovered the issue, Bechtle partnered with CTMS Solutions to develop a resolution. We engaged with CTMS to deliver a process that covered the entirety of their business critical requirements including everything listed above and more.
With the need for a consistent workflow that underpins and enables the automation of processes, it was decided to present HEAT Software - a comprehensive platform that not only fulfilled requirements but is also a recognised brand with over 25 years of development and innovation. HEAT provides a user interface that allows the client to develop workflow without the need for additional consultative effort. Customisation can be managed and implemented with separation between development, test and production environments - allowing changes to be tested technically and from a UAT perspective before seamlessly moving to a production environment. A further deciding factor for choosing HEAT software was the ease in which the solution can be expanded with features such as Mobile Device Management, Asset Management and End Point Management - helping future proof LanesHealth’s decision.


Before implementation and as part of both Bechtle and CTMS’s standard process, we organised a ‘scoping day’ with the customer. This is a one-day in-depth exploration of the customer’s requirements and the direct impacts of the Statement of Work. This day shaped the customer’s expectations for the solution, ensuring that they knew exactly what to expect from the deployment and configuration and what timescale would be put into place.


The Benefits

The benefits of the HEAT software will be ongoing for LanesHealth. Primarily, the solution gives the IT team more time on strategic objectives. It enables consistent application of their business processes and allows for automated software delivery. HEAT will also save LanesHealth money with the ongoing cost of ownership. The platform can be primarily managed by the IT team internally, resulting in less external assistance and therefore reducing unnecessary costs.


The consultative approach delivered by Bechtle and CTMS allowed for an efficient deployment of the solution with deadlines clearly outlined from the start and met throughout.

IT Manager, LanesHealth
“We have worked with similar suppliers previously, however their concentration was solely on price and merely quoting what we had asked for.
Bechtle focused on our requirements before even discussing a solution. They provided a professional, consultative approach from the beginning through to delivery and they sought to establish our needs
throughout the project - giving us confidence and allowing us to make a compelling business case.”