Bechtle Remarketing – efficient hardware life cycle management.

Questions about Bechtle Remarketing?

The demands put on today’s hardware are always increasing. Big data in particular requires enormous CPU and memory performance. This often means that hardware is in need of replacement sooner, often while it still has some residual value. Businesses lose a lot of money, and the administration costs also skyrocket because the hardware has to be uninstalled and properly disposed of.


The answer: Bechtle Remarketing.

Bechtle can manage the complete life cycle of your hardware. This includes data erasure and environmentally responsible disposal of the hardware.


Alexander Thiele

Business Solutions


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Our service is subdivided into five stages:

  • Individual consultation and strategy devised by Bechtle
  • Collection of your used equipment
  • Dismantling and transport of your hardware by Bechtle or one of our selected partners
  • Permanent, irreversible data erasure in a certified remarketing facility
  • Remarketing of tested hardware

Benefits for you:

  • Losses due to depreciation recovered
  • 100% data protection
  • Bechtle assumes responsibility for your hardware
  • Professional collection and disposal, including recycling
  • Remarketing of hardware through Bechtle or one of our carefully selected partners

Our objectives.

Bechtle Remarketing’s life cycle concept has four distinct objectives:

  • Re-use as a functional device
  • Re-use as functional components
  • Recycling of raw materials (e.g. plastics and metals)
  • Professional disposal in compliance with applicable regulations

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