Bechtle’s Solution

To aid in their decision, Allies required Bechtle to refine their choices and find the best solution and vendor for them. Bechtle’s Workstation specialist met with Allies to discuss the strategy and the best way forward. This included the advantages and disadvantages of each model and specifications based on the different areas of their business. Bechtle were then able to collate the specifications for all the device options and provided Allies with 4 of the most compatible demonstration units, each based on the agreed spec and fully configured. It became clear from this that HP and Dell were the 2 most suited candidates for Allies.


The demo equipment from HP and Dell continued to be tested by Allies where it was passed around various users within the business to gain a ‘real world’ understanding of what worked, and what didn’t. As a result, HP beat their competitors and became Allies’ vendor of choice. As a HP Workstation Business Specialist, Bechtle collaborated with their HP Account Manager throughout the process and setup consistent pricing for all builds - ensuring an efficient reordering process with zero requirement to raise ad-hoc bids.


As a result of this process, Allies were able to choose one device that worked for them and fit all of their requirements. With so many different departments within the business, Bechtle also supplied alternative HP models for the other areas of the business including 2D design, 3D design and power office.


All users are now using varying HP Z Workstations and Z Displays that have been built individually to meet their unique requirements. Mobile Z Workstations are now also in use to displace their mobile Mac fleet.



The Benefits

Allies & Morrison LLP are now running a future proofed Workstation estate that is perfectly capable of further customisation - ensuring full ROI. This also enables Allies to embrace and implement BIM as it further evolves in the future.


As a result of this order, Allies have become the first Architect in the UK to run a proof of concept for the HPE DL380 + Nvidia Grid to virtualise graphics to the desktop - helping to drive efficiency and take away the need for a 1-1 relationship with the desktop, thus driving down the cost of power, noise and cooling needed for the design floor.

Jeremy Mitchell, IT Director, Allies & Morrison LLP
Allies & Morrison LLP.
“Bechtle have been key to our workstation fleet. Consistently recommending and demonstrating new workstation technologies and helping to keep us ahead of the curve”